Mean Betty on Sarah Palin's Reality Show

Imagining future episodes of "Sarah Palin's Alaska” - from wolf hunts to dart-throwing.
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Mean Betty on Sarah Palin’s Reality Show

Imagining future episodes of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” – from wolf hunts to dart-throwing.

-Mean Betty

Sarah Palin

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is getting closer, darlings! It looks like Discovery is going to be the network to proudly air Sarah Palin’s Alaska – the reality show / documentary she’s putting together with Survivor creator Mark Burnett. Apparently Sarah’s asking price of $1.2 million per episode proved to be too high for A&E … fools! According to the New York Post, “The show will feature the former governor of Alaska, and 2008 vice-presidential candidate, as she shows viewers Alaska’s sights and sounds.”

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Alaska’s sights and sounds! Can you stand it? Truly, Mean Betty is beside herself with anticipation. What thrills do the forthcoming episodes hold for us? Mean Betty can’t wait, and surely you can’t either, so Mean Betty came up with some episode suggestions for Mark and Sarah. The tricky part is figuring out how to throw in a little genuine “Alaska” color when all everyone really wants is to watch Sarah Palin. But Mean Betty is up to the task!

Without further ado …

Mean Betty’s Potential Episode Topics for Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin on a Helicopter Wolf Hunt!
Oh come on, precious kittens. You know this would be ratings bonanza – everyone who loves her will love her even more, and animal rights activists will be beside themselves and draw even more publicity to it. Win-win! (Just make sure the kids are in the other room when it’s time to dress Bulwinkle!)

Sarah Palin and the Locals Get Together to Throw Darts
Oops! How did that big picture of John McCain get in there?!

Sarah Palin Demonstrates the Great Shopping in Alaska …
… by sitting down at her computer and logging on to Just point and click! And at 1.2 million per episode, Sarah can go ahead and splurge on overnight shipping!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Sarah Palin's Reality Show

  1. This is a fantastic career turn for her! She’s great on TV, and she’s the perfect person to show off Alaska. But $1.2 mil/episode? That seems a little steep…

  2. I’m going to puke. Of course, we don’t have TV, so it’s not like I’m going to watch it…all the better for my nauseated belly!!

    I hate that fucking bitch Palin. I hope she gets eaten by a moose on camera. THAT…I would watch.

  3. This is certainly not a show I will be watching. Sarah Palin is not one of my favorite people. Just think, a couple of years ago she was unheard of outside the state of Alaska. What in the world was John McCain thinking about? In retrospect, He must feel he made the mistake of a life time. He could have been president had he not selected her as a running mate. I suppose, in a sense, his bad choice made a lot of us happy, bless his heart.

  4. I can’t stand that women. She is a publicity nut. And dumber then dirt. I hope America isn’t dumb enough to elect this woman for anything, let alone the President of the U.S.A.

  5. I’ll watch if she gets eaten by a Kodiak, other than that, NO. She’s proven she’s a quitter and is going for quick cash rather than serving out her 1st term for the people who elected her. She’s a money grubber, and we can only be thankful that she’s been deemed to dumb to be a talking head on FOX.

  6. Perhaps she’ll show off her wolf paw collection. As governor, she asked that wolves be killed, put a bounty on each wolf, and demanded a paw be brought in before payment was made.

    Personally, I hope the wolves get her, eat her, and thus get her out of our lives forever — on camera!

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