Mean Betty on Skinny Models

Has the fashion world, with its size 0 fixation, completely gone mad at last? Mean Betty wants to know
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Mean Betty on Skinny Models

Has the fashion world, with its size zero fixation, completely gone mad at last? Mean Betty wants to know

-Mean Betty

Mean Betty was startled to read this little item right here on BettyConfidential yesterday: “Stylists Resign Over Designer’s Plan to Use Size 14 Models.

Mark Fast

For a moment there Mean Betty was worried she might need reading glasses! But no, it was not poor eyesight, nor an optical illusion brought on by too much ogling of the Emmys fashions. Yes, my darlings, British designer Mark Fast’s earth shattering decision to include size 12 (gasp!) and 14 (THE HORROR! SHIELD MEAN BETTY’S EYES!) models in his London Fashion Week show was so “controversial” that it “almost derailed his show until two freelance stylists stepped in to save the day!”

Can we just pause, pet, for a moment to try and grasp that?

Now, Mean Betty understands that the denizens of The Great Fashion Industry have their own marvelously distorted view of the world, wherein Anna Wintour is not considered a frightening vampiress and an average, healthy woman is considered “plus size,” but truly, Mean Betty wants to know … wouldn’t it be fun to punish those nasty stylists with something truly, truly horrifying … like an ALL CARB DIET for an entire WEEK?! The cruelty!! One does wonder if such a thing might actually drive them to the brink, though, doesn’t one? Mean Betty would hate to have suicidal size negative-two blood on her pearly white conscience. Perhaps a few full-fat Grande Vanilla Lattes (WITH WHIP) might stun them into seeing the error of their ways.

Honestly, pets, what kind of lunatic inmates are running the fashion industry asylum? Isn’t it bizarre enough that we are looking at clothes that won’t come out – or be useful – for another six months – when most of us haven’t even gotten around to perusing the marvelous sales for our fall and WINTER clothes? (Hello, darling Fashion Industry, wake up and smell the recession!)

And truly, Mean Betty is happy to see this Mark Fast fellow taking a step toward including those women on his runway, but why on earth should that be so remarkable? Mean Betty was horrified to see the majority of the models who paraded past her during the recent NY Fashion Week shows. (Oh yes, my dears, Mean Betty goes to Fashion Week. However she does not sign autographs, so don’t even ask.) So much for the all that chatter about not encouraging deathly diseases like anorexia. The models may not always look so terribly emaciated in photos, but honestly my darlings Mean Betty was quite concerned more than one of them would get swallowed up by a crack in the floor. It was a wonder certain girls could actually lift their spindly, spider-like legs and make it all the way down that long runway, clad as they were in those awfully heavy looking platform stiletto booties (which Mean Betty loves – on a leg that doesn’t disappear when one looks sideways at it).

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Skinny Models

  1. It’s really unfathomable, the fashion industry’s obsession with toothpick thin girls. Slender women are beautiful. Curvey women are beautiful.Short women, tall women, Black women, Asian women, freckled women …. ALL BEAUTIFUL. What is so hard to understand about that????

  2. SO RIDICULOUS. Would it ruin a stylists career to work with plus sized models? Absolutely not. It’d probably bolster it, showing that they can do beautiful things with any size body.

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