Mean Betty on Smelling and Looking Like Pamela Anderson

There's a big difference between ogling at Pamela Anderson, and actually emulating her. Mean Betty reports.
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Mean Betty on Smelling and Looking Like Pamela Anderson

There’s a big difference between ogling Pamela Anderson, and actually emulating her. Mean Betty reports.

-Mean Betty

Pamela Anderson

Mean Betty has to hand it to Pamela Anderson. By turning herself into a trailer-trash fabulous cartoon character version of herself, she manages to somehow stay relevant and talked about, even though her discernable talents are nil (unless you count her inflated fake boobs as talents, which, apparently, she does). There’s something admirable about her tenacious grip on celebrity, isn’t there kittens? Andy Warhol would be eating his words were he alive today.

However, my dearest darlings, while we may admire Pamela Anderson and her never-ending antics, the question remains, do we really want to … smell like her? Or – heaven forbid – dress like her?

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Yes, pets, Pamela Anderson has joined the long and illustrious line of celebrities to launch their own perfumes, the hallowed ranks of which contain such luminaries as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. And – Mean Betty reads with astonishment that Pammy’s next venture will be to launch a clothing line with designer Richie Rich. Truly darlings, will wonders never cease? Mean Betty can’t decide which is more perplexing – that someone would want to smell like Pamela Anderson (shades of greasy rocker groupie, suntan oil, and peroxide?) … or dress like her? At least Mean Betty is sure Richie Rich won’t have to invest much cash on material.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Smelling and Looking Like Pamela Anderson

  1. Pam strikes me as the type of gal who will go to whatever lengths possible to remain on E’s Top 100 Sexiest Women list. Seriously though, in 15 years no matter what kind of procedures she undergoes, Pam is NOT going to be on that list.
    She needs to think ahead to when her looks, or boobs, aren’t everything.
    Think Jenny McCarthy. Once a rude and outrageous bimbo, she’s cleaned up her image by writing several books, taking up a cause in the name of her son and promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise.
    Surely Pam knows deep down under all that Botox and silicone that there will come a day when she’ll have to offer something to the public other than her two massive ta tas.

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