Mean Betty on Snooki The Magnificent

Poufs, cleavage, and food fights. Does the fun never stop with Snooki?
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Mean Betty on Snooki The Magnificent

Poufs, cleavage, and food fights. Does the fun never stop with Snooki?

-Mean Betty


Darlings, can you remember what the world was like before we had such a wonderful thing as a Snooki? Mean Betty can’t bear to think about it! A Snooki is a marvelous thing!

Just take a look at this photo if you need any proof:


A sight to behold, no? Truly makes one feel uplifted about the future of the human race, don’t you agree?

And just what is that delightful concoction Snooki is cradling, you ask? And, more importantly, where can you get one? Why, it’s to be found at the Ocean Beach Miami hot spot “Ocean’s 10” … and it’s  “a frozen margarita with two Coronas upside down,” according to their menu. “Just delicious and impressive.”

Impressive indeed!

But wait …  there’s more! Yes! More fantastical Snooki news!

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First she brought us the wonders of the pouf … and now … she’s bringing back the good old-fashioned food fight! Hurray for Snooki!

Our spunky little Jersey girl was spotted by the video cameras at that very same South Beach hotspot, later that very night … throwing food and slapping people!  And by “people” Mean Betty means one beefy looking fellow who had the audacity to approach the newly single Snookerella.

“She was in a good mood, but this particular guy was obviously interested and she wasn’t,” witness Fred Hernandez told “She told him, ‘Don’t f— with me’ so he snatched her drink and walked off.”

Yes! This cretin had the gall to TAKE SNOOKI’S BEVERAGE!

Of course things got even more exciting after that …

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Snooki The Magnificent

  1. Snooki loves to fight! Although, it must be so hard for them to go anywhere now that everyone knows them. People must want to start stuff with them just so they’ll get on TV.

  2. She’s so teeny, but not teeny, chubby – it’s really quite bizarre when you think about her – like a little munchkin with a ‘tude. I saw the show once and thought this will be gone in a couple of weeks and the producer fired, rightfully so. Instead they are phenoms. Last sign of the apocalypse? I think YES!

  3. snooki is beyond gross-she is disgusting & so is everyone on that crappy show-they are all so creepy-snooki & the rest should go bury themselves in the sand 4ever !!!! The world will be SO MUCH BETTER …

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