Mean Betty on Tiger Woods' Poor Dear Mistresses

Where's Tiger Woods' apology to all the women he slept with? Nowhere, that's where.

Mean Betty on Tiger Woods’ Poor Dear Mistresses

Where’s Tiger’s apology to all the women he slept with? Nowhere, that’s where.

-Mean Betty

Tiger Woods

Oh darlings, isn’t it just so terribly sad? That mean old Tiger Woods forgot to apologize to all the women he slept with while married to Elin Woods! Isn’t that just a crime? Because if anyone deserves apologies, it’s the women who knowingly screwed around with a married father of two little children. Don’t you agree?

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What’s that you say? Those women are the ones who owe Elin and her children an apology? Why, what kind of crazy logic is that?! Just ask Gloria Allred, Patron Saint of Immoral Women. Allred, speaking on behalf of her client, former porn star Joslyn Jamesm, said: “They [the mistresses] want more from the greatest golfer in the world: a face-to-face “I’m sorry.’”

That’s funny! Mean Betty thought what the mistresses wanted from the greatest golfer in the world was to have sex with him while his wife was home with his children, and perhaps a career boost! Silly Mean Betty!

Vegas cocktail waitress Jamie Jungers called the apology  “crap” while watching it with E! News Ken Baker. (Is the irony lost on you, kittens? Mean Betty trust not.) “He’s apologizing to these young kids … everybody but the women that were involved in the relationships,” Jungers said. “It’s hurtful. It’s rude. He should have apologized to the people like myself, his mistresses, because we’re dealing with a lot of stuff too.”

That is so true! You’re dealing with all kinds of “stuff” now that your secret is out and you’re on TV. It’s funny, isn’t it, how to world works? You make your bed, then you have to sleep in it. It’s really just not fair.

Apparently, Allred alleges that Tiger told her client that she was the only woman in Tiger’s life besides his wife. She totally thought she was the only one he was cheating with! What a lying cheat he is!

And, says James, Tiger really pursued her. “Over time, I fell in love with him, and he told me he loved me too.” (Oh wait, just a moment, Mean Betty needs to turn some violin music on …)

She’s not the only mistress to be upset after finding out about the OTHER mistresses. As succinctly puts it, “Mistress #2, Jaimee Grubbs, has also said that she was very upset when she found out about Mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel (not to mention Mistresses 3-14).”

Well, Mean Betty can only offer some words of condolence to these wronged women. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and, like Rachel Uchitel, instead of a public apology, you’ll get a nice TV deal. A girl can always dream.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Tiger Woods' Poor Dear Mistresses

  1. It’s called consequences, dear. It doesn’t matter if he pursued you, you could easily have said no. It doesn’t matter if you fell in love with him, he wasn’t available. These idiots just wanted notoriety and money, and if their feelings are hurt or egos bruised they have no one to blame but themselves because they could have said no. The only people Tiger owes anything to are his wife and kids. NYC is right, these women are insane.

  2. Ugh! I just want all of this Tiger Woods junk to go away already! A man whore and his whore prostitutes who screwed over the real person who loved him. The persistent whining from these women is so they can get more attention for a book deal, or tv gig, or even dating advice columns (disgusting but true). Tiger is disgusting to me still, but, he did apologize (even if I think it sounded extremely fake and he’s just sorry he got caught) now only time will tell if he is going to change his nasty ways. Shame Gloria Allred, Blech. No amount of money is worth pimping your soul like she does. Poor Elin. Poor poor Elin, She’s the only victim here.

  3. These women are disgusting and pathetic Would they like it if someone did that to them? “In love with him”, please, the only things they were in love with were his money, power and fame! They have no self respect and this is just such a great lesson for all young girls out there. Sleep with a famous, married man and you will get your 15 minutes of fame! They do not deserve an apology, a tv deal or a spread in any magazine! Personally, I think one of them is scarier looking then the next. What’s on the inside comes out to the surface.

  4. I am soooo tired of seeing Tiger’s ugly mug in the news, online, on the cover of magazines… How much money is HE making off this “deal”? As for the whores he screwed around with, they are just that – whores. They do not deserve an apology from anyone and should be apologizing to Elin and her innocent kids, who are truly the “victims” in all of this.

  5. I don’t think any of them is as HOT as his own wife Elin. Boy those whores could wait to come forward to tell the world how they were his mistress. What a bunch of bimbos. They do not deserve anything. They owe Elin a apology.I agree Tiger is sleezy. He doesn’t deserve a good woman like Elin.

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