Mean Betty on Tori, Dean and Celebrity Vow-Renewing

This new trend makes Mean Betty very grouchy.
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Mean Betty on Tori, Dean and Celebrity Vow-Renewing

This new trend makes Mean Betty very grouchy.

-Mean Betty

Tori and Dean

Oh how cute. Yet another celebrity couple has renewed their vows. Mean Betty’s cup-o-sweetness just runneth over. Tori and Dean, married for a whopping FOUR WHOLE YEARS, “renewed’ their vows over the weekend. They’re just the latest celeb couple to jump on the Hollywood bandwagon of playing pretty princess bride / center of attention all over again.

According to, “The bride wore a white, strapless gown with an open back and kissed her husband passionately after the short ceremony.”

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Um … the “bride”? Mean Betty is pretty sure the word they’re looking for is “wife”. Of four years.

(And not incidentally, weren’t Tori’s guests too distracted by her skeleton-like back to be paying attention to any smooching? Mean Betty wants to know!)

Oh and how heartwarming! The blushing “bride” found the time to update her Twitter account: “Beautiful Day To Remarry ;)” quoth she. Because if something isn’t Tweeted about, it didn’t really happen! Wink!

The “groom” for his part, coughed up “a custom designed Darkened Diamond Eternity Band by Neil Lane.”

Wonder how much Neil Lane paid for that product placement?

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Tori, Dean and Celebrity Vow-Renewing

  1. I agree with you Meanie. Renew your vows after 3 decades not years. Though I do think Heidi and Seal are cute the way they do it every year. Plus any excuse to have a party is good!

  2. agree totally with Ms. Bettie – this was a chance to get press – nothing more – and Heidi and Seal do it very low key –

    it all seems so exhausting – going to all that trouble just to be sure that you are seen – sad –

  3. I would rather hear that they renewed their vows and trying to reconnect and recommit to their marriage than that they are running around on each other and seperating after only a few years.
    I totally plan on having a small recommitment ceremony on our 10th anniversary, after what we have been thru together we deserve it and I do want others to know that the first 10 years were worthwhile because they were with him and I would totally do it all over again.


  4. This is really sad, I watch their show and it is obvious Tori Spelling is working her butt off while all her husband does is play! Tori had a huge melt down on the last episode on his wanting to play all the time. This is why she is so thin, she is totally stressed out! This wedding thing is a joke and a sense of denial on her part!

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