Mean Betty on the $1.5 Million Gown

Miami Fashion Week asks the question: "What recession?”

Mean Betty on the $1.5 Million Gown

Miami Fashion Week asks the question: “What recession?”

-Mean Betty

Danasha Luxury Gown

Mean Betty received a most interesting press release over the weekend, darlings. It seems that, as part of the upcoming Miami International Fashion Week festivities, the Beirut-based designer Jad Ghandour and luxury house Danasha Luxury have collaborated in creating the “ultimate red-carpet gown.” How ultimate?

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According to their PR, “It is the most elite dress on earth, valued at $1.5 million.” Yes, that’s U.S. dollars, darlings. The gown features “some of the finest diamonds hand picked from the markets in Antwerp, Belgium,” set in 18 carat gold. Isn’t that just delightful?! What better use for 1.5 million dollars than to design a dress dripping with diamonds? It’s not as if there are starving people in the world, or devastated tiny nations struggling to recover from horrific natural disasters!

“Adding to the excitement, the gown is being worn down the runway by a yet-to-be-named celebrity model.”

Oooh Mean Betty just can’t wait! What better form of haute entertainment that to watch a high-paid celebrity preen down the runway in a gown that could feed the entire third world for the rest of the decade? Let’s see now – what celebrity would be classy enough to pull this off … hmmm … How about Kim Zolciak, the Real Housewife from Atlanta? This has her sophisticated name written all over it!

“Our aim wasn’t to just throw diamonds and gold together and call it a ‘diamond gown,’” the team explains. “We wanted to create a masterpiece – a gown that would highlight the finest materials without looking overwrought and costume-y. The resulting gown looks nothing short of dazzling – each detail compliments one another perfectly.”

Oh good! And here Mean Betty was worried Miami Fashion Week was just so desperate for recognition that they decided to vomit money onto a dress form and hope someone calls it classy. (Makes Mean Betty think anew about L.A. Fashion Week – at least they pretty much just show $80 t-shirts.)

Mean Betty thinks perhaps the makers of this dress might want to watch a delightful little Kirsten Dunst film called Marie Antoinette. It could be most enlightening.


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