Mean Betty on the 7 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

When bad ink happens to the Hollywood elite.
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Mean Betty on the 7 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

When bad ink happens to the Hollywood elite.

-Mean Betty

Hello darlings!  In honor of Pete Wentz’s latest idiotic tattoo, Mean Betty thought she’d take you on a brief tour of the most ridiculous celebrity tattoos.  Enjoy!

His Brain Briefly Fell Out of His Head

Pete Wentz and Gabriel Saporta

Goodness, drunken buffoon class-act Pete Wentz certainly is trying his damndest to get on Mean Betty’s why-are-you-responsible-for-a-human-life list. Like any responsible parent, Mr. Wentz left his baby boy at home with mummy dearest last week in order to get three sheets to the wind before making a bet that landed him in the branding chair.

Apparently the Fall Out Boy bassist promised Cobra Starship frontman Gabriel Saporta that if his band’s Good Girls Go Bad record went platinum, he would allow Saporta to pick a tattoo to stick on Wentz’ body. The modest Saporta chose a portrait of Saporta’s face (classy!) and the inscription “Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad.” After waking up in a daze the following morning, Ashlee Simpson’s husband Twittered:

“My brain needs to stop kicking my eyeballs in the face. it makes sense in my head.” Too bad this boy’s brain didn’t kick some sense into him before he made this rather permanent mistake, hmm pets?

He Must Have the Best Name Ever

Mark Wahlberg

No, Mark Wahlberg’s not vain. He just suffers from occasionally having to remind himself what his own name is, hence the giant tattoo on his shoulder with his initials and last name.

Inked for the Very First Time

Nicole Richie

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Mean Betty highly doubts Nicole Richie is still a virgin, as the tattoo on her left wrist claims. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s given birth to two children?

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on the 7 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

  1. hahahaha tom reynolds, dean mcdermott & pete wentz…WHY???? it’s not cool to have someone else’s face permenantly on your body unless you’re megan fox and so damn hot it doesn’t matter! sillys…

  2. Wow! Tattoos are already not too good of an idea (you won’t have that tight skin when you’re 55!) but to get an ugly/ridiculous/misspelled tattoo on top of it? I wouldn’t want to look at Tori Spelling or Roseann every day of my life for a million dollars!

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