Mean Betty on the Balloon Boy's Dad and Madonna

Oh yes, there is a connection: Balloon Boy's dad and Madonna's boy toy Jesus. Mean Betty tells all.
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Mean Betty on the Balloon Boy’s Dad and Madonna

Oh yes, there is a connection: Balloon Boy’s dad and Madonna’s boy toy Jesus. Mean Betty tells all.

-Mean Betty

Balloon Boy Falcon Keene

So it was a hoax after all, kittens. Are you simply shocked and utterly dismayed? Little Balloon Boy, Falcon Heene, tipped off the world during an interview with Larry King when he turned to his daddy dearest and said, “You said we did this for a show.” Authorities believe Parents of the Year Richard and Mayumi Heene cooked up the stunt to land themselves a TV reality series.

So – to review: while the world, led by respected journalists and reporters, watched a hot air balloon careen through the air for several hours and wondered if a small, terrified boy was trapped inside – or – more dreadfully – had already fallen out to his death … he was not only safe at home in hiding but his parents knew the entire time! Isn’t that just a hilarious joke? Oh, the hijinks!

Well it’s understandable isn’t it? Don’t we all want reality shows? Aren’t they CLEARLY the best route to take with young children? Doesn’t everyone want to be the next Jon and Kate? Why should freak shows like Octomom™ have a monopoly on using their kids as cash cows? Those lucky little Gosselins! Think how much fun they are going to have as they go through life with that famous last name. Doesn’t every child wish his parents would publicly air every single piece of dirty divorce laundry for the consumption of the adoring public? (Tip for kids – it’s not to hard to change your names once you turn 18!)

So little Falcon vomited a couple of times while being interviewed by Meredith Viera and Diane Sawyer … big deal, right pets? Kids throw up all the time … after too many pop tarts, after a spinning ride at the fair, after lying on behalf of their sickening, charlatan parents on national television. He’ll get over it!

Mean Betty, in the meantime, would like to point out this helpful headline from the AP: “’Balloon Boy’ Reminder that TV is Full of Shams.”  Shams, you say? Really and truly?

So – Mean Betty wants to know, kittens – how long do you think before that family does end up as reality show stars?

Speaking of exploited young boys … have you heard the latest, kittens? …

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on the Balloon Boy's Dad and Madonna

  1. I am so sick of parents using their children to earn ridiculous sums of money on ridiculous, unrealistic ‘reality’ shows. I thought that the Gosselin Family Follies should have stopped after the kids turned a year old so that they most likely would not have remembered their exploitation.

  2. Anyone that watches these kids during an interview knows there are serious problems in that family. Daddy is whacked, the kids are scared, and the mother enables Daddy… at the sake of her own children!! dumb parents, sad kids.. its sickening and an epidemic. dumb society.

  3. This is BEYOND unbelievable. I so yearn for those television shows BEFORE the birth of Reality Shows. Thank you Mark Burnett for further dumping down American society.

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