Mean Betty on the "Hottie-Gram”

Or: What Mean Betty won't be giving Mr. Mean Betty for Valentine's Day.

Mean Betty on the “Hottie-Gram”

Or: What Mean Betty won’t be giving Mr. Mean Betty for Valentine’s Day.

-Mean Betty


As you assuredly know by the red, pink and chocolate towering over you in every grocery, department and drug store (not to mention café, salon, and dog-groomer) … Valentine’s Day Is Coming! And boy oh boy does Mean Betty have a treat for you. No, it’s not a personalized V-Day card from Jessica Simpson and Billy Corgan (though isn’t that at the top of everyone’s wish-list?), nor is it a grown-up size edition of Suri Cruise’s shoe collection … it’s something EVEN BETTER.

Are you ready, kittens?

Now, thanks to the creative geniuses at “Hottie-Gram”, you can send your guy a personalized video message from a super-sexy hot young Playmate! Where she sticks her perky little bum up in the air and then rolls over and takes her shirt off to reveal her perfectly perky bare boobs! Isn’t that just what you were looking for?!


The thought of sending a “message” to your man from a trampalicious Playmate makes you get all stabby and want to poke something with a sharp pencil? Really? Mean Betty can’t imagine why….

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Let’s see what the makers of the Hottie-Gram have to say for themselves, shall we?

Their press email says, “There is nothing better then (sic) Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood (co-founder) and friends giving a personalized sexy online greeting to your man this Valentine’s Day!”

There isn’t?

“HottieGram brings steam and sizzle to any greeting—leaving the recipient laughing, salivating and begging for more.”

Yeah, for more … PLAYMATE!

The sample version Mean Betty has the pleasure of viewing featured “Playmate of the Year” Sara Underwood, rolling around a bed in polka-dot undies and a tiny little cut-off t-shirt. “Hey Baby,” she coos, “You’re such a great guy! You’ve already bought the gift and made the reservations. So I’ve been sent by your Valentine to say thanks in advance.” She then pauses dramatically and, yes, whips off her top. “You are so getting some tonight!”

But … not from me, she neglects to add.

Puh-lease. Call Mean Betty when there’s a Jon-Hamm-gram Mean Betty can send to her girlfriends.

Happy almost Valentine’s Day!


Mean Betty

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