Mean Betty on the Spanish Prime Minister's Daughters

Goth girls and pumpkins, oh my! Mean Betty is just asking: Did Halloween come early this year?

Mean Betty on the Spanish Prime Minister’s Daughters

Goth girls and pumpkins, oh my! Mean Betty is just asking: Did Halloween come early this year?

-Mean Betty

Spanish Primie Minister's daughters

Just in case you were wondering if Halloween came a little early this year, Mean Betty, pets, is going to set you straight. No, that photo that appeared and then miraculously disappeared on the official White House Flickr account over the weekend of our President with three possible witches-in-training and one large orange pumpkin – no, wait, that’s Michelle in a sack dress! – was really of the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and his familia. And it almost caused, if not a second Spanish-American War, a poco Spanish-American skirmish.

It seems in sunny Spain there is a law that does not allow pictures of Rodriguez Zapatero’s charming daughters to be published. This photography ban is understandably, muy difficult for us Americans to comprender … what are our children for if not to spread goodwill, increase our own popularity, and boost J. Crew sales? Though the photo appeared on the front page of several right-wing Spanish newspapers, allowing the citizens of Spain a rare (and for some – a first) glimpse of their Prime Minister’s family, the state-owned Spanish news agency EFE was persuaded not to distribute any photos of the girls on the trip, because “they should not have their personal rights prejudiced by the prime minister’s decision to take them to New York.” Truly baffling, hmm pets?

However, now that Mean Betty has had a gander at the muchachas she can understand why the insistence on “personal rights” and “privacy” … It seems the girls are Goth, mucho, mucho, mucho Goth. Like in … your daughter wears combat boots, even when she is being introduced to the leader of the free world.

Now Mean Betty can just imagine the conversation that the Prez and Michelle had after waving a cheerful adios to Laura and Alma and their mama and papa. Like should they make Malia and Sasha wait until they graduate from college to watch True Blood? Burn the DVD of Twilight? Or should they just scare the girls into sticking to J. Crew just by showing them the now hard-to-find picture of the Goth Girls? It sure in hell even managed to frighten Mean Betty.

Aidios for now, pets … Mean Betty must run. She suddenly just had the perfect idea for her Halloween costume!


Mean Betty

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  1. Rather amusing, yes! But I rather like the idea of not publicizing the hell out of the PM’s kids, it allows them privacy until they’re old enough to decide for themselves if they want their visages splashed all over the media. Also keeps the pressure off them so their every single move, sound bite and even fashion faux pas from being analyzed to death! I like the idea myself, they can be as weird as they want without being picked apart…

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