Mean Betty's 10 Worst Dressed Celebs

Somebody get these stars a stylist ASAP!
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Mean Betty’s 10 Worst Dressed Celebs

Somebody get these stars a stylist ASAP!

-Mean Betty

Patricia Arquette

1. Patricia Arquette uses her psychic powers on Medium to arrest criminals. What about her crimes against fashion? I hereby declare a citizen’s arrest!

Paris Hilton

2. With all her money and famous friends, you would think one of them would show Paris Hilton a mirror. Here are two simple rules to follow… no bunny ears unless you are under age 12 and no futuristic sunglasses unless you are Lady Gaga!

Lindsay Lohan 6126

3. Lindsay Lohan’s fashion sense seems to be channeling her inner stripper rather than her inner fashionista. Both her leggings company 6126, and her new job at Ungaro have been panned, and for very good reasons. Pasties on a runway, for day? C’mon!

Britney Spears

4. There’s just one of Britney Spears’ accessories that I like: her blended coffee. It always seems like she has fashion multiple personalities. Just pick a trend and follow through, Britney? Don’t they have a medication for this?

Pamela Anderson                                     Startraks Photo

5. It’s hard to add Pamela Anderson to a worst dressed list, ‘cause that would mean she was dressed at all! She can turn even the smallest amount of fabric into a disaster. And that’s probably why she was awarded the Worst Dressed prize at the Hollywood Style awards on the weekend.

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty's 10 Worst Dressed Celebs

  1. 90% of the women in this article seem to have personality disorders. They exhibit erratic behavior and live recklessly. I really feel bad on one level for them and yet feel extreme apathy at the same time. Paris Hilton, however is just a trashy *woman who needs to realize she’s almost thirty, not twelve.

  2. THis was hilarious – Paula looked like she was channeling Marge Simpson.
    And I seriously want Paris’s cat hat and mittens (for my Great Grand niece). at least I think that’s what she is. SHe’s 5.

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