Mean Betty's Gosselin New Year's Update

Jon and Kate may no longer have a show, but they still continue to amuse!
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Mean Betty’s Gosselin New Year’s Update

Jon and Kate may no longer have a show, but they still continue to amuse!

-Mean Betty

Jon Gosselin

Happy 2010, pets! Mean Betty hopes you had a marvelous New Year’s and are already well on your way to accomplishing all your resolutions. Mean Betty, of course, being perfect, doesn’t need to make resolutions, but she fully supports you dears in doing so!

And now for some gossip. Mean Betty is so glad to see that the dawn of a new decade hasn’t hampered all that’s juicy in Celebrity Land. So far this year’s most entertaining celebs continue to be Jon and Kate Gosselin. Will wonders never cease?

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Earlier this weekend, Mean Betty read that some enterprising young fellow had devised a clever way to hitch his wagon to the dubious star that is Jon Gosselin, and seek a bit of reflected fame by challenging the father of eight to a boxing match. The fellow in question is, according to, “celebrity boxing promoter” Damon Feldman, who, not incidentally, was photographed smooching Hailey Glassman recently.

Apparently, Feldman is motivated because he’s “so furious at the way Jon treated Hailey.”

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman

“I have had enough of this guy – let’s see if he is man enough to step inside the ring with me,” Feldman told “Hailey is a sweet kid and this idiot won’t leave her alone but he better back off right now – I’m sure people would pay to see me beat him up inside the ring.”

Feldman is dangling a $120,000 purse in front of Jon, which – as Feldman sagely points out – would take care of Jon’s child support payments for a whole year!

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