Mean Betty's Gosselin Update

What have that Jon and Kate been up to lately?

Mean Betty’s Gosselin Update

What have that Jon and Kate been up to lately?

-Mean Betty

Gosselin family

The Gosselins haven’t faded away yet, darlings! Though it’s been at least several weeks since Jon Gosselin and his trashy girlfriend du jour have made any Jerry Springer-worthy headlines, the dynamic duo that was Jon and Kate is still going strong.

Kate Gosselin:

The big news now is that she’s going to – gasp! – take out her $7000 hair extensions for her Dancing with the Stars debut! Can you stand the excitement? Mean Betty can’t. Ted Gibson confirms to that the extensions will indeed be gone for her Wednesday night debut. But! Do not fear! They shall return! The very next day! Only … this time, “featuring new, multiple shade of blond.”

Very clever, Mr. Gibson. But Kate, if you really want some hair fun, come on over to Mean Betty’s house. For a mere $6000 bargain, Mean Betty can color your current extensions with some magic markers. Voila!

In other scintillating Kate Gosselin news, her Dancing partner Tony Dovolani paid a visit to her home on Tuesday, much to the delight, reportedly, of her children, who were, presumably, mystified to see a man without a giant Ed Hardy-covered potbelly, a white trash princess on his arm, and a cigarette dangling outta his mouth.

Gosselin family

Meanwhile …

Jon Gosselin:

Daddy Gosselin is apparently trying a new approach in an attempt to win back some of the public goodwill that mean old Kate has snatched up. Last week he took to his Twitter account (in a move clearly learned from his frenemy Michael Lohan), to express his pure delight at the thought of his ex-wife competing on DWTS.

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“Congratulations to Kate for joining the new season of DWTS. I am thrilled for her. She has my support and vote,” he Tweeted. “Here is to 2010 for new beginnings and leaving the past mistakes in 2009.”

And what he didn’t add, but surely wanted to … “I hope you trip and fall on your smug butt and get voted off immediately!”

Of course Jon has another matter to occupy his mind these days … whether or not to accept Playgirl’s offer. The magazine that so famously brought us a naked Levi Johnston made Daddy Gosselin an offer in the wake of the recent flurry of “Jon is Small” press. gleefully tells us that the magazine originally offered poor Jon a mere $20K. That’s a slap in the face compared to Levi’s $100K, but as the mag’s rep Daniel Nardicio explains, “Jon’s a novelty. He’s not really hot. Levi [Johnston] is really hot. Jon has a reputation of having a small penis and again, he’s not that hot. We’ve offered him $20,000. He told us that’s not much money. We told him $20,000 is $20,000. You could go to NYC for a year with that kind of money!”

Playgirl has since sweetened the deal – offering Jon an extra $10K for every inch over four!

Decisions, decisions…

Mean Betty hopes for the world’s sake Jon says NO. But let’s keep our eyes on him, kittens. If we see him doing something wild and crazy like, oh, actually going to the gym, we’ll know we’re in trouble.

What will those delightful Gosselins get up to next? Tune in to find out!


Mean Betty

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  1. Yuk! I don’t think anyone wants to see him! He’s got no Sex appeal,no Body,and evidently no extension! Hey Girls,Let’s make a Poll for that one! (no pun intended) LOL

  2. They are both So over…both fame whores, they need to put those kids in foster care. Neither of them are concerned for anything but themselves.

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