Mean Betty's Moms of the Year!

From Dina Lohan to Nadya Suleman, these Hollywood moms deserve special recognition as we celebrate Mother's Day!
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Mean Betty’s Moms of the Year!

From Dina Lohan to Nadya Suleman, these Hollywood moms deserve special recognition as we celebrate Mother’s Day!

-Mean Betty

Dina Lohan

In celebration of that special holiday, Mother’s Day, Mean Betty has scoured Celebrityland to bring you the best moms of the year. Prepare to be heart warmed!

And the grand prize, Mother of the Year Award goes to …

Dina Lohan!

Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan

Partying with her daughter at Chateau Marmont, publicly feuding with her lunatic husband, and generally raising an all-around disaster … let’s give it up for Dina Lohan! Mean Betty finds it especially poignant that at this special time of year when we set aside a day to thank our mothers for their guidance, devotion and love, Dina has been at LiLo’s side … accompanying her to depositions, alcohol-awareness classes and … nightclubs! reports the dynamic duo spent a some good old-fashioned bonding time together Thursday night at the new Hollywood hot spot Las Palmas, where Lindsay danced in front of Dina’s table and the two lived it up until 2 a.m.. Classic mommy-daughter time!

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The icing on the Mother’s Day cake – Dina has reportedly defended her elder daughter as not being a bad influence on little sister Ali Lohan – of course not! What’s worrisome about letting a young teenager spend quality time with her alcoholic, drug-addicted, paparazzi-hounded older sister? What could possibly go wrong?

And finally, Mean Betty is sure you will all be happy to know that Lindsay has convinced her mama to go on Twitter. So we’ll get to hear all of her words of wisdom … like “all mom’s [sic] always do their best”

Congrats Dina on doing what is surely your best!

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty's Moms of the Year!

  1. I did not know bombshell had a child. Poor child. I can’t image how scared that child will be growing up with her as a mother. What a freak she is with all her tatoos. I wouldn’t be surprised if she hasn’t tatoo’d her child.

  2. IMO Kate Gosselin belongs up there instead of Demi Moore. After all, Rumor is an adult, and seems to have grown up into a pretty decent person. KG, OTH, mouths all the platitudes about doing it all for her kids, but couldn’t be bothered to actually spend quality time with them.

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