Mean Betty's Octomom Update

Octomom's mom (Octogranny!) says her daughter is nuts. Oh, and the Octo-brood is about to be evicted.

Mean Betty’s Octomom Update

Octomom’s mom (Octogranny!) says her daughter is nuts. Oh, and the Octo-brood is about to be evicted.

-Mean Betty


Let’s take a break from all the lurid tales of tattoo ladies and cheating bastards, shall we, kittens? And what better distraction than a good old Octomom update?! It’s been too, too long since we heard from our favorite mother of 14.

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First off, Mean Betty hopes you didn’t miss Octomom’s appearance on The View at the end of last month. Truly one for the Octo-archives! Here – you really must see it if you haven’t already. The best part is watching the hosts’ faces, bless them.

Now, it seems that Octomom’s mom, Angela Suleman, has finally thrown in the towel on her daughter. “My daughter’s insane. What can I say?” quoth Octogranny. The poor dear tells that she’s gone from owning two homes to living in a rental, thanks to Nadya borrowing tons of money and never paying back “a cent.” Octogranny also reveals that her daughter is “so out of it, she doesn’t care.”

Hmmm. Well, if Nadya’s claim that she only sleeps two hours per night is true, then no wonder she’s too out of it to care about anything! Though Mean Betty would like to note she does appear to care about her appearance – Octomom is looking pretty good these days, don’t you think, kittens? Almost ready to have another batch! (Perish the thought!)

One thing she might want to consider caring about, however, is the news that she and her 14 children are about to be evicted. As in homeless. According to E! Online, Amer Haddadin, the fellow who sold Octomom her home, tells KACB (a Los Angeles ABC affiliate) that he sold Octomom’s “two-story, four-bedroom, three-bath cul-de-sac residence in La Habra, Calif., last year to Suleman’s father, Ed. In exchange for monthly payments of $4,130, Haddadin agreed not to charge the family any interest until March 10, when a lump sum of $450,000 was due.”

But, claims Haddadin, he hasn’t been given any money. Quelle surprise!

“What they are doing to me is not right, and I am going to take it to the courts, for foreclosure,” Haddadin tells the station. “If it wasn’t for me to help them to get the children out of the hospital, they would not have the children in the house, so I was the kid saver.”

Well, darlings, we’ll certainly be watching to see what happens, won’t we? Surely Nadya has some trick or another up her sleeve.

Actually, speaking of tricks, Mean Betty wonders if that million-dollar offer XXX company Vivid Entertainment made Nadya is still valid?? Just curious!


Mean Betty

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  1. This woman is ripping off the taxpayers who are out over 3 million dollars so far and will be supporting her private Romanian orphanage for the next 17 years, free medical, dental, meds and since half of them are autistic or otherwise compromised more than her fair share of educational resources. She’s borrowed the maximum amount of academic loans annually and then dropped the classes, that is what she is living on and even when she completes her degree *hahaha* does anyone think she will go to work and support 14 children most of them special needs? This woman is a grifter who used an unscrupulous doctor in order to have a Gosselin style money resource, what Nadya didn’t factor in was that she is crazy and repellent and no one will ever watch her as anything more than a sad curiosity who eventually will lose all or most of her children due to neglect – those taxpayer nannies will be leaving in less than a year. It won’t be all roses and sunshine taking care of 11 children who are not toilet trained. Like her 4 year old. Yep only a couple of the older children are toilet trained. She’s a fabulous mother.

  2. well i didn’t watch the view last month. but even if i new that that octo mom was to be on their i still wouldn’t have watched it.she just is a wacko i don’t pay any time to her i have enough things and people who need my time more than her she made her life like that so then i feel she should do what she knows she has to do. but she needs to get a better JOB and WORK.

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