Mean Betty's Winner and Losers of the Week

From the Lohans to Mel Gibson to Levi Johnston, Mean Betty gives her two cents on this week's losers and winners in celebrity land.
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Mean Betty’s Winner and Losers of the Week

From the Lohans to Mel Gibson to Levi Johnston, Mean Betty gives her two cents on this week’s losers and winners in celebrity land.

-Mean Betty

LOSER: Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan Ungaro

First poor little LiLo is booed off the stage during her “hosting” duties at Singapore Rocks, then she’s practically laughed off the catwalk at Paris Fashion week during her debut as Ungaro’s “artistic advisor.” Mean Betty can’t imagine why …  since when are nipple pasties NOT considered high fashion?

WINNER: Lindsay’s doting parents, who continue to ride the coattails of their daughter’s fame.

Lohan Family

Dina Lohan, taking a hint from LiLo that talent and experience is no longer a job requirement for “designers,” Dina has announced the impending arrival of her very own shoe line called “Shoe-han!” According to Newsday, they’ll be sold through, “a designer ladies footwear retailer with stores in Long Island and Queens.” Now if that’s not classy, Mean Betty just doesn’t know what is.

The shoes will all cost under $100 for, as Dina so sagely says, being affordable “is really important in this economy … It’s tough for everybody – even us.” EVEN YOU, Dina? Mean Betty can’t imagine WHY the Lohan family might be suffering money issues.

Shoe-Han will be available by Mother’s Day … because isn’t that what every mother wants to commemorate her special bond with her children?

Meanwhile … Daddy Michael Lohan has renewed his taste for the spotlight with a fresh vigor. Not only is he about to sue Perez Hilton (a brilliant strategy to get mentioned even more than usual!), but he’s making a big public fuss about Lindsay’s alleged prescription pill addiction. Just like any worried father, Michael went straight to to share his deep concern for Lindsay:

“I’m going to get her off the prescription drugs that she’s on … You know why Lindsay’s not acting in feature films right now? Because she can’t.”

Gee why not? With such fabulous parental guidance?

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  1. Gibson was a first-time drunk driving offender, so he was eligible to have his DUI conviction removed from his record after completing the terms of his probation, which was three years. The expunging request and procedure is routine, and the hearing took 90 seconds. It wasn’t about his deplorable anti-Semitic comments. Living not too far from Malibu, I’m not convinced that he got special treatment.

    I thought that the Baby Daddy from Alaska appeared in a PISTACHIO commercial making tasteless jokes about “using protection” (HAHA). ; )

  2. You are most correct, K S … Mean Betty stands corrected. The nut in question indeed was the pistachio. See pets? Mean Betty knows she is not infallible. How helpful of you dears to keep tabs on celebrity nuts for her.

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