Mean Betty on Nadya Sulelman, Kate Moss, Russian Accessory Girls and More

Mean Betty's week in review: Nadya Suleman's stripper name, Kate Moss, Mel Gibson and More

Mean Betty


Octo-Angelina, Kate Moss, Russian Accessory Girls and More

The Week in Review

-Mean Betty

Single White Octomom

Octomom Angelina JolieEvery week, Mean Betty tries to avoid thoughts of Octomom, and every week Mean Betty simply can’t resist. The latest octo-juice: Nadya Suleman’s stripper past seems to have been for wee bit longer than she previously admitted. (And she seemed like such a nice young lady!) According to In Touch Weekly, Nadya didn’t merely test out the topless dancing waters for “one night,” she in fact held the post of “exotic dancer” for at least a year, shaking her octo-boobs for bachelor parties and amateur stripping contests alike.

The pièce de résistance? Brace yourselves, pets. Her stripper name was … you guessed it … ANGELINA. (Cue creepy psycho music …)

If Mean Betty were Brad Pitt, she’d watch out. Or at least keep an eye on Nadya and her stiletto heel collection.

Please Go Away Now, Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Is anyone else tired of Kate Moss yet? Is she going to be around for all eternity? Here she is yet again in Vogue, looking for all the world as if her usual accessory wasn’t a cigarette, a cocktail and a drug-addict boyfriend.

Are Russians the New “It” Accessory for Aging, Has-Been Celebrity Men?

Ronnie Wood and his girlfriend

First Mel Gibson, now the utterly creepy Ronnie Wood.

Matthew McConaughey Stinks

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew dear, there’s no question you’re hot (see right), and Mean Betty understands you have this whole bohemian cowboy thing going on, but when you get hot, we do not want to smell you. No deodorant, really? Don’t think of it as “smelling like someone else” (apparently Matthew’s main objection); think of it as not smelling like a disgusting pig.

Perhaps this will tempt you, Mattie dear: a marvelous “natural” deodorant made from hemp! In fact, if you Google “marijuana and deodorant” you’ll find apparently the cans are used to hide weed frequently. So now you can not only not stink, you can multitask!

Try a Bathing Suit, You Might Like It

And the week’s winner for least self-respect goes to … the naked woman clinging to Richard Branson’s back like a monkey:

Richard Branson naked model

Ta-ta for now, dears … until next week.


Mean Betty

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty on Nadya Sulelman, Kate Moss, Russian Accessory Girls and More

  1. Hilarious! Guess Richard Branson’s wife was somewhere in the mile high club with someone else! Enjoying all that lovely champagne on the flight to San Fran.

  2. When will octo-mom go away? She’s not only creepy and obsessed with Angelina, as if we don’t see enough of her mug all over the tabloids, now we need a clone? Gross!

  3. Rather creepy how much octo freak looks like Angelina. I’m sure Angie is cringing! And what’s up with Ronnie Wood? What a jerk for leaving his wife of 23 years for that twit.

  4. Hey Mean Betty, it’s Evil Nevie again. Perhaps, Nadya’s obscession with having kids, stems to her fixation with Angelina. She’s obviously 1, or should I say 8,up on her. However, watch out Octomom, Angelina’s still working on it. LOL.

  5. I can’t think about that crazy octo-mom anymore. About Kate Moss I like her hell I hope in 5 or 6 years when I am her age I look as good as her. Now that naked girl on that guy’s back that is just wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin. it might not be as gross if Richard Branson wasn’t like 80 years old.

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