Mean Betty On the Inauguration

Mean Betty just can't resist pointing out some things about yesterday's historic occasion that lots of Bettys might have thought but nobody else has dared to say.

Mean Betty

Mean Betty On the Inauguration

If you can’t say something nice, count on Mean Betty
to say it

-Mean Betty

Michelle Obama inaugurationDid we or did we not get overloaded with little historical factoids all day long while we watched the Inauguration? Well, here’s another one. Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, had a throw pillow on her Georgetown living room sofa that said “If you can’t say something nice about someone, come and sit by me.” To honor that fine Washington tradition Mean Betty just can’t resist pointing out some things about yesterday’s historic occasion that lots of Bettys might have thought but nobody else has dared to say. (Yes, Mean Betty is fearless.)

Like what exactly was Michelle Obama wearing during the Inauguration? That yellow-going-on-chartreuse outfit designed by Isabel Toledo and those green J. Crew gloves and green Jimmy Choos was, to put it mildly, awful. Just awful. Who could look good in the world’s least flattering color? But some were determined to only say nice things even about a really unflattering outfit. Commenting on the ensemble, red-carpet and magazine stylist Mary Alice Stephenson told AP: “Michelle’s wearing that dress today for all of us. We’re all wearing that dress with her.” Puh-lese.

Honestly, I used to think that Cindy McCain during the campaign always looked like she was dressed to go to her best friend’s daughter’s wedding. Well, Michelle yesterday looked like she was dressed perfectly to go to Cindy McCain’s best friend’s daughter’s wedding.

And how about Jill Biden’s foot-in-the-mouth gaffe when she told her new girlfriend Oprah that Joe was offered the choice of being Secretary of State or Vice President? Yikes. Joe Biden, who is a master himself at making foot-in-the-mouth gaffes, gritted his (pearly white) teeth, kept smiling and said, “Shhh.” But Jill Biden wouldn’t be deterred. “OK,” she said in a matter-of-fact way, like who could not tell Oprah the truth, “He did.” She also confided she told her husband not to become Secretary of State because “he’d always be away and we’ll never see you.” Bet Hillary loved that since Obama told her she was the only one to whom he offered the Secretary of State job. Come to think of it, always being away, and never seeing your mate? Maybe that explains why Hillary took the job.

A couple of other leetle quibbles. President Obama said he was the 44th American to take the presidential oath. Wrong – he was 43rd. Grover Cleveland was president twice but not consecutively which tends to mess up the count. Shouldn’t the leader of the free world have a fact checker? Or, at least, have what Mean Betty has — Google.

And one final little point. Even though there was non-stop news, news, news, news on every channel all day nobody bothered to report that the stock market was cratering – down 332 points, the biggest drop ever for the stock market on an Inauguration Day. A major headline that seemed to get ignored throughout and was only mentioned as an afterthought to the gushing coverage.

But, hey, there were lots of moving moments too. And when Beyonce sang “At Last” and the President and First Lady, during their first dance, wrapped their arms tightly around each other, even Mean Betty was filled with hope, wished them and our country well, and smiled.

(Editor’s note: of course not all Bettys think alike! Click here to read a beautiful account of being at the Inaugural ceremony.)

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0 thoughts on “Mean Betty On the Inauguration

  1. Wow, if that’s the worst you could come up with I guess Obama’s doing pretty great! I’m just happy the world is no longer laughing their collective ass off at us!

  2. I agree That chartreuse suit thing should be burned! Not only was the color terrible and the sequins just bad, but the shapeless, tent-like nature of the jacket was awful on her. Not to mention, that tie front was just stupid for that cold weather! Finally, I agree, the green gloves and shoes were in one word – hideous.

  3. and I thought it was me. remember the old story of the emperor’s new clothes? she could have done much better. I thought the color pukish and the style matronly.and lose that stupid tie on it!her evening dress looked like an old chenille bedspread I used to own. now the world is laughing at the first ladie’s wardrobe!

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