Meghan McCain Disagrees with Sarah Palin's Double Standards

John McCain's daughter reveals on 'The View' that she disagrees with many things Sarah Palin has said.

Meghan McCain Disagrees with Sarah Palin’s Double Standards

John McCain’s daughter reveals on ‘The View’ that she disagrees with many things Sarah Palin has said.

-Faye Brennan

Meghan McCain

If you watched Barbara Walters and crew on The View yesterday, you probably got the impression that guest host Meghan McCain isn’t a huge fan of Sarah Palin right now.

During the show, Walters brought up the topic of Palin wanting Rahm Emanuel fired for using the word ‘Retarded’ in a private meeting, but not wishing the same upon Rush Limbaugh when he said the word. In response, McCain said, “This is exactly what’s wrong with politics today. We can’t placate and say democrats can say one thing and Republicans can say another thing.”

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And when Walters brought up another instance where Palin suggested President Obama should declare war against Iran to get re-elected, McCain disagreed: “We should never go to war unless it’s the absolute last circumstance.”

McCain’s daughter will reveal what she thinks about Palin possibly running for President in her new book that will be released in August. We’re guessing she’s probably against it. To watch McCain on The View, click here. (Huffington Post)

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0 thoughts on “Meghan McCain Disagrees with Sarah Palin's Double Standards

  1. khc1114 says:

    Meghan is absolutely right, Rush Limbaugh and Rahm Emanuel should get the same treatment for using the same slur. It doesn’t matter who says it – it’s never ok.

  2. jessica03 says:

    I was never fond of Palin.

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