Meghan McCain Blows Up on Twitter

Meghan McCain's Twitter resume rant

Overheard on Twitter

Meghan McCain Blows Up on Twitter

And then thinks better of it …


Meghan McCainYesterday afternoon the Twitterverse was treated to the mini explosion of Meghan McCain’s life-long resume, in 140 character increments. Apparently, a nasty commenter, who is also a fellow writer, expressed disbelief that Meghan has ever had an actual job on Meghan’s latest column  (in which she calls Karl Rove a creep for following her on Twitter).

So, in case you too have been wondering just what exactly qualifies Meghan McCain (aka @McCainBlogette) as an expert commentator and author, here you have it (in reverse order for your reading pleasure):

Hi everyone, so today I read a particularly nasty comment from a person I won’t say how but I indirectly work with questioning if I have

ever worked. Ironic because we work at the same place right now. So here is a list of all the jobs I have had in my life, because apparently

I need to fucking spell it out: My first job was at 16 where I tutored kids after school at a local church, when I was 17 and 18 I worked

at the flower desk of a local hospital in phoenix, delivering flowers to patients. In college I interned at saturday night live, was an

assistant to a photographer and worked for Newsweek Magazine. After college I joined my Dad’s presidential campaign and founded my

multi-award winning website, which is officially the first blog in history to document a presidential campaign, I also

wrote a New York Times best selling childrens book about my fathers life. Currently I am a columnist for and am currently

working on my second book, this time a work of non-fiction for adults. The press release can be found online. So to my fellow beast writer

that in a fucking twitter nutshell is my life and what I have accomplished so far.

I am sorry I am human and once in a while it all gets to me! But my little rant made me feel better :-)

When we went back to grab a screen shot of the Tweet-rant, we found Meghan had, apparently, deleted all those posts from her Twitter account.

Which brings us to an interesting question. What is the difference between Meghan McCain’s Tweets and her column on talking about Tweets? Is there a difference? It is fair to report on both of them, even if Meghan obviously had a change of heart and deleted her own Tweets? Is all fair in love and Twitter?

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0 thoughts on “Meghan McCain Blows Up on Twitter

  1. needcoffee says:

    haha, love this!

  2. loubell says:

    Good for her to defend herself to some loser that doesn’t believe she has any accomplishments to her name other than being some failed-ex presidential hopeful wannabe’s daughter.

  3. CAMUS890 says:

    My my, she’s certainly got a short fuse. Considering everyone reads her crap, she obviously knew what she was doing by writing that rant.

  4. dustyleelou says:

    Nice! Way to go Meghan, that’s some obnoxious chip you have on your shoulder. Sounds about as big as your fathers.

  5. VERUKA says:

    Keep on bragging, Meggie, maybe someone will eventually give a crap about your accomplishments. You’re lame.

  6. deborah says:

    Hey Meghan – enough of the F***NG. Perhaps people want to see what you can do outside of Daddy’s accomplishments.

  7. pmsgirl says:

    She should stop being so defensive and got on with a life that isn’t built on her last name.

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