Men Who Don't Want to Commit

A woman asks why men who don't want to commit end up acting like real boyfriends anyway.


Men Who Don’t Want to Commit

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why is it that when men only want a casual relationship they act like a steady boyfriend does (discussions about intimate things, being openly affectionate in public, and wanting to be together every weekend)? I think if a man is interested in a casual dating relationship, and he behaves that way, then everything is easier for everyone!

Matt: I’m not sure I understand the question. But if he wants to keep it casual, that means he’s getting everything he wants without having to invest too much of himself.

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0 thoughts on “Men Who Don't Want to Commit

  1. if a boy asks u out go cause then u will like them then they wont even talk to u dnt be stupid like me n my friend now this boy i used to love dosent even talk to me say yes to others people feelings.=]
    bye bye

  2. my bro was going out with this girl then her bro asked me out but i was going out with someone then that stupid kid cheated on me then i noticed thats i loved my bro girl bro bujt he dosent asked me out it past like 3 years but i love him but thank god am not loving him no more but am in love again but that boy is amazing but am not ready so i know hw will give me time i love u .. but go for ur right decisions

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