Men Deserve V-Day Treats Too

Why men deserve to receive Valentine's Day gifts as well.

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Why Should Only Men Give Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Women shouldn’t be the only ones to get V-Day treats

-Robin DeCicco

man and woman on Valentine's DayFebruary is here, ladies – the month of candy-coated hearts and lacey lingerie. Some of us look forward to this month all year long, anticipating a romantic Valentine’s date, while others dread it, afraid of what our boyfriends will concoct in the kitchen. Whether we love it or hate it, we are accustomed to being on the receiving end of the “gift giving process.”

To most of us women who are involved in relationships, it’s definitely a nice feeling to know that when Valentine’s Day arrives, we should expect some sort of token gift, even if it’s a sweet and sentimental card. But where in the unwritten rules of the holiday states that just the woman should expect something special on February 14?

When recently discussing this holiday with a group of my friends, they all seemed to agree that even though times have changed regarding women’s roles, men are still “supposed” to be the ones to purchase gifts, send flowers to the office and make extravagant dinner reservations.

“This has always been the holiday for women — not from women,” my friend, the businesswoman, said.

Similarly, a 25-year-old woman said that although she believes women can be the leaders of their personal relationships, she still expects that her long-term boyfriend will whisk her away on Valentine’s night to a romantic restaurant and that her only job is to show up.

“I want to know that he put time into planning the night; I deserve it,” she said.

We do deserve to be serenaded, but that doesn’t have to mean that men deserve nothing.

Although there are some of us who do buy our boy-toys red silk boxers and chocolate shaped footballs, most of us, for one reason or another, have been programmed to think that the purchasing of gifts and the holiday planning is solely the man’s responsibility.

But here’s what I think: This old-fashioned attitude should stop immediately, if not sooner. We are no longer confined to the stereotypical roles we used to be; one of us ran for president, one of us ran for vice-president, many of us are proposing marriage, heading businesses and picking up the check, so why can’t we be the ones to send flowers to our husbands and cook romantic dinners for our boyfriends?

“It would be great if my wife surprised me on Valentine’s Day with a nice dinner and told me that I didn’t have to worry about anything,” one 27-year-old newly married man said.

Another man who has been married for 10-plus years said that he is the one to make the “big plans.”

“My wife will give me a card and some chocolate, which is nice, but I always make the reservations for dinner and entertainment. I’d love it if she initiated the plans.”

With days left until Valentine’s Day, let’s to step up to the plate and take charge of the celebration. We still have time to go shopping and schedule a night on the town that our men will never forget.

And you may ask what am I giving my man? I plan on cooking him a scrumptious candlelit dinner that will keep him coming back for more, and for dessert, well, you can use your imagination.

Now that I have inspired you — what are you going to do for your guy on Valentine’s Day or night?

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0 thoughts on “Men Deserve V-Day Treats Too

  1. Great article! But I have to say, I agree with the “businesswoman” in this article. I’m all about fair play on regular dates…taking turns planning and paying. But for this once night of the year — isn’t it amazing that it’s just kind of decided that the guy makes the plans? It’s wonderfully romantic not to have to negotiate anything. Let’s all just enjoy it instead of feeling guilty. For once in our lives!!

  2. Honestly, I never really even THOUGHT that Valentine’s Day was more about the woman. I mean, I guess it is in general, but my life is just different. It’s always a two-way street for my Vday celebrations.

  3. I always do things for my husband! It’s a two-way street! I once planned a romantic evening for him, made him chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, etc. I bought him gifts, set out a night-time picnic in our living room, gave him a bath! I don’t think I ever thought of it as a girl’s-only holiday. It’s for anyone who’s in LOVE! : ) And the first Valentine’s after we had our first son, we told each other we could spent $20 on one another at Target and we had to buy as many THOUGHTFUL gifts with the money as we could–it was so fun finding things with our fun money to show him that I “knew” him and loved him that were cheap and meaningful, and I wrapped each item. I think I got him 13 things with that 20 bucks!

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