Men's Most Annoying Habits

Women share the five things that drive them crazy about the men in their lives.
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Men’s Most Annoying Habits

Women share the five things that drive them crazy about the men in their lives.

-April Daniels Hussar

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Ah, boys. How we love them. And how they can drive us … crazy! A while ago we ran an article on what guys find most annoying about us womenfolk (Who us? Hard to believe!) – so it’s only fair that we cover the other side of the coin, don’t you agree?

But first, let me paint you a little picture.

It’s a dark and stormy morning. The lights in my house are on, providing a cozy glow and, handily, helping us to see our food. Breakfast has ended, and my husband heads upstairs to his home office, remembering, as always, to turn the lights off as he leaves. Isn’t that nice?

No, actually it’s not … because I’m still sitting at the table!

Which brings us to our first complaint:

1. Over-zealous light turning-off.

I thought this was something only I had to suffer, but my writer friend Jenna, 40, assures me it is not.

“My husband calls me ‘Light-Leaver-Onner’ and subsequently walks around shutting off lights, including in rooms I am in. I’ll be using the toilet and he’ll walk by, open the door and turn off the light. WTF, right?”

Right. But is this a green thing? A money thing? Who knows, but it seems to me that these guys are all taking An Inconvenient Truth just a little too far…

Case in point: My husband’s favorite line, whenever he discovers I’ve (yet again) left the light on in the basement laundry room, “Mother Earth is crying.”

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2. Leaving wet towels on the bed.

A gal we’ll call Penny, 36, tells me with a sigh, “I had an ex-fiancé who always, and I mean always left wet towels in the middle of the bed. He’d take a shower, walk into the bedroom, drop the towel in the middle of the bed, get dressed and leave. The wet towel would sit there all day long. Ick.”

Ick indeed. But why? Are beds and towel racks so similarly shaped that guys get confused? And let me just point out that she says ex-fiancé.

OK, some guys at least make an effort to put their things away…but when it comes right down to it, good intentions alone aren’t quite enough.

After reading our article on the annoying things women do, one commenter, “Bandijacks”, shared her pet peeve about guys: “The most annoying thing for me is when they almost put something away, but not quite. Like putting the dirty dishes beside the sink rather than inside, or putting dirty clothes on top of the hamper rather than opening it and putting them inside. Grrr.”

Come on guys, you’re so close. Close, but no cigar!

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0 thoughts on “Men's Most Annoying Habits

  1. :) This was spot-on, Betty – I was laughing and nodding my head the entire time I was reading it. My husband is one of the ones who turns off EVERY light possible, and is always chewing me or our daughters out for trying to light up the world. He also leaves stuff lying around, which totally grosses me out, and is the biggest baby EVER when he is sick, lol!

  2. My husband does like us to turn off the lights and turn the heat down to about 66-67 (brr)(electricity is kind of expensive where we live…and our apartment isn’t well insulated by any stretch of the imagination), but that doesn’t bother me. It’s more the leaving things around the place :-p Also, he is a bit of a baby when he gets sick. Although he can sometimes also do a 180 and need to visit the doctor, but won’t do it!! Although, I guess that can be a baby-ish thing too :)

  3. It’s a little cliche, but it drives me nuts when he leaves the toilet seat lid and seat up – he does it all the time! Nothing I say about it seems to get through to him. But, of course, I love him anyway.

  4. Women are so self centered on the phone. They think having a phone conversation means spewing for 20 minutes about Lord knows what then complain that men don’t reciprocate. We don’t want to do that, we want to have a conversation. It’s a two way street darling so don’t act like yours smells like roses.

  5. Hey now. Being lively off the phone and non-lively on it isn’t that annoying. I mean, I HATE the phone (which is apparently punishable by death by most females) and I’m all quiet on it, wanting to get off of it as soon as possible. I’d rather meet and talk IRL than on the stupid phone. They make my ears hurt.

  6. Haha, I thought I was the only one with the light problem! If my boyfriend sees that I leave a light on for longer than a minute he says “Oh, Im so glad you own the electric company”. Its funny, but he drives me insane!

  7. I hate it when they say “you look fine” especially when they don’t even look! I know it probably gets annoying, us asking how we look all the time, but it’s a good thing. We just want to make sure we are wearing something you will like.

  8. My husband, without fail, leaves his shoes directly in front of the front door. He enters, takes his shoes off, and leaves them right where he stood. Then he complains when someone “kicks them all over the place,” aka “trips over them thus causing chaos to avoid personal injury.” Honestly.

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