Michelle Obama's New BFF

Michelle Obama's new BFF is the Queen of England


Michelle Obama’s New BFF

A royal connection

-The Betty Editors

Michelle Obama Queen ElizabethGuess who are now BFF? None other than our First Lady Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth. Seems like the Queen really liked Michelle when they met first met in April. Even though some royal-watchers at the time thought the Queen might have been put off by Michelle putting her arm around Her Majesty. (It seems one is never, never, never supposed to touch the Queen.) There was also some snippy comments that Michelle, wearing a camisole-top dress covered with one of her typical cardigans, was not exactly dressed properly for a visit to Buckingham Palace.

But, hey, it seems Elizabeth is a lot less stuffy than those know-it-alls. The Queen and even Prince Philip, not the easiest guy in the world, liked the Obamas a lot.

In fact Michelle and the Queen have been exchanging letters and telephone calls since they first met. Experts on Anglo-American relations claim, “It’s a positive thing for relations between the two countries that the royal family and the president’s family get along so well.”

Last week when Michelle and Sasha and Malia were in London, the Queen invited them over for a private tour of Buckingham Palace and a private meeting. She very rarely does that. You can imagine the girls must have been on their very best behavior.

Despite their age difference it seems the Queen and Michelle seems to have a several common interests. Observers say they both like gardening, spending time in the country, and clothes. Although, we have to note, their taste in fashion couldn’t be more different, could it? Can you imagine the Queen wearing a studded belt? Or Michelle wearing one of those hats the Queen favors? Well, we concede, they do both like pearls and low-heeled shoes. In one way the Queen is definitely following Michelle’s lead. She just put a vegetable garden in at the Palace. It will be an organic garden like the one Michelle had planted at the White House.

What’s next for the Obama-Windsor friendship? We can’t see the Obamas going hunting or preferring vacation visits to chilly Balmoral Castle rather than the beaches of Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard. Or the Queen dropping by the White House for some Chicago-style pizza. But it’s nice that our First Lady and the Queen, despite their many differences, have connected so unexpectedly, and have found a new friend to like and admire.

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0 thoughts on “Michelle Obama's New BFF

  1. I’m so sick and tired of “royal watchers” treating the Royal Family as if they were relics and cannot have any feelings or that the Queen is so standoffish, she’ll fall apart if a “commoner” dares to touch her! The press and “royal insiders” made more of a fuss than I bet the Queen did! Mrs. Obama looks like a person who I would love to be friends with, and I’m pretty sure the Queen appreciated being treated like a normal person rather than some delicate fragile old piece of china. I hope Mrs. O made sure how special a private tour conducted personally by the Queen of Buckingham Palace is! They definitely deserved it!

  2. Michelle is a strong, smart woman with family values and a solid head on her shoulders. I would have been surprised if the Queen hadn’t liked her. Move over Jackie O., Michelle O. is taking over the world!

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