Michelle Obama's Jackie O-Inspired Style Rules

12 rules of fashion from first ladies Jackie O and Michelle Obama
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Michelle Obama’s Jackie O-Inspired Style Rules

12 fashion rules from the first ladies of fashion

-Lois Joy Johnson

Jackie O and Michelle OJackie O and Michelle O seem to be fashion sistahs.

Question for you Bettys: Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery or is it just a nice safe way of being a fashion copycat?

True original style is rare. True original style that provides a wardrobe template for woman FOREVER is even rarer still. That’s why we have had only four true “icons of style:” Audrey, Kate, Coco and Jackie. Now, suddenly, for the first time in years we have a living fashion icon. (Sorry, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Olsen sisters and Katie Holmes do not count and neither does the A to Z list of stars dressed by their stylists.) I’m talking of course about Michelle Obama – a woman with a clear sense of what she wants to wear and how she wants to wear it. Michelle O and the late Jackie O are our First Fashion Plates with a taste for elegance and a fever for fashion. They seem to have a lot in common. Maybe it’s all coincidence. Or, maybe Michelle has always liked the classy Jackie look and is simply giving it a shot in the arm(s). Or maybe Michelle is just giving back by showing the celebs that clog our websites, magazines and TV screens that it is possible to be smart, cultured, a fashion junkie and dress yourself. Whatever it is you are up to Michelle, THANKS!

Here are Jackie and Michelle’s 12 Ultimate Fashion Rules:

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0 thoughts on “Michelle Obama's Jackie O-Inspired Style Rules

  1. I love them both! They are each so flawless, and I don’t think Michelle is really copying Jackie O, but more or less, taking what she did and revamping it for women today

  2. What really makes both these gorgeous women style icons — and the biggest thing they have in common — is self confidence and a comfort in their own skin. That’s what I aspire to.

  3. OMG! I sure won’t be inviting any of you to my parties if you call wearing a bedspread to the ignaugual ball good fashion! And that SHORT black mourning dress! That was the ugliest thing I ever saw! And who can forget the red and black number? It is an insult to comepare Michelle to Jackie! Jackie would never have hugged the queen in public! Jackie looked and acted like a lady at all times. And Jackie was beautiful! Michelle is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen. If she sways those hips she will wipe out half the room! There is nothing pretty about that moose! Those ugly scowls she gives is enough to blind you. She has no fashion sense whatsoever!

  4. Okay, tell me that Michelle doesn’t have big hips. If you can’t see that you must either be blind or letting your political preference get in the way. My comments have nothing to do with race or my political views. The question was asked. And I commented. She has a horse face with horse teeth and huge hips. No lies here. I tell it like it is. I am far from alone in my views.

  5. “6. daym1 on 07/27/2009 And Jackie was beautiful! Michelle is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen. If she sways those hips she will wipe out half the room! There is nothing pretty about that moose!”

    Pretty apparent who’s a racist bigot among these posters. Michelle Obama is gorgeous, classy, and voluptuous. while Jackie Kennedy was gorgeous, classy and delicate. This was a fashion comparison, anyway, not a figure comparison. Too bad there are people who can’t see beauty in races outside of their own.

  6. Kisskiss and danggirl,
    Who are you trying to kid? If you call her classy then you don’t know what classy is. It has nothing to do with my political beliefs. She looks like the donkey on Shrek. That’s my opinion and the last time I looked, I have the right to have one. My husband and many more soldiers did fight for my right to say that and I will. What gives you the right to think that you are the only ones with the right opinion? She has huge hips and it shows in the tight clothes she wears.

  7. I don’t think her hips are huge at all! And… ‘huge lips’? Your white ideal of beauty is showing, daym1. As is your defensiveness: disagreeing with you is NOT the same as saying you shouldn’t express your opinion or trying to censor you.

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