Michelle Obama Wouldn't Miss Cooking; Would You?

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, does not miss cooking, and is fine with other people doing that task.

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Michelle Obama Wouldn’t Miss Cooking; Would You?

And easy dinners for those who don’t like to cook!

-Francine Segan, food+home Editor

michelle obamaThe other day while Michelle Obama was visiting the Ferebee-Hope Elementary School in Washington, a third grader asked, “Do you like cooking for your family, even though you have cooks and all of that?”

Our honest first lady answered, “I don’t miss cooking. I’m just fine with other people cooking. Their food is really good.”

That got me thinking. Would I miss cooking? If I suddenly hit the lottery and had a houseful of staff and a world-renowned chef at my beck and call, would I still want to cook?

What about you: If you didn’t have to cook anymore, would you miss it?

While you think about the answer, here are a few tips for making dinner if you’re more in the Michelle “I don’t miss cooking” camp.

Three dinners with two supermarket rotisserie chickens:

1. Serve the ready-roasted chicken whole, with a side dish of sliced fresh tomatoes (topped with just a little salt) and microwave baked sweet or white potatoes.

2. Shred the meat from the legs and thighs of the chicken and serve with taco shells, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and salsa for instant tacos.

3. Slice the remaining breast meat and serve over a huge green salad topped with grated Parmesan, sliced red bell pepper, croutons and diced onion.

So tell us, do you loathe cooking and would give it up in an instant given the chance, or do you love spending time in the kitchen cooking?

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  1. I may be one of the few, but I really would miss cooking. even if it’s something very simple, I really enjoy preparing food for my family. Now, cleaning on the other hand …

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