Michelle Obama's Trip to Europe

On their first trip abroad as President and First Lady, all eyes are on Michelle and her outfits!

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Michelle Obama’s Trip to Europe

On their first trip abroad as President and First Lady, all eyes are on Michelle … and her outfits!

-Myrna Blyth

Barack and Michelle Obama with the Queen

Day 3 Update: Did the President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama get too touchy with the Queen? That is the big question after the Obamas took tea with the monarch. One of the absolute no-no’s when it comes to meeting and greeting Queen Elizabeth is to touch her. Yet both Obamas were their natural exuberant “hands-on” selves.

Michelle Obama JCrewThe President gave the Queen a particularly affectionate two-handed handshake, which is usually considered inappropriate. Michelle put her hand on the Queen’s back after the Queen put her hand on Michelle’s back at the end of a particularly warm-hearted exchange. And no one seemed to mind. Before she departed, Michelle told the Queen, “I really enjoyed our meeting.” And the Queen appeared to really like our young President and his wife.

During the visit, the President gave the Queen an iPod as a gift. Elizabeth and Prince Philip, in exchange, gave the First Family a signed photograph. For their meeting, Michelle looked almost casual in a black and white outfit and pearls. The Queen was, dare we say it, pretty in pink, also wearing pearls. What was most noticeable was how the President and First Lady towered over the elderly royal couple.

In the evening, Michelle went to a girls-night-out dinner hosted by the Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah. She sat next to Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling. We bet Sasha and Malia will be thrilled to hear all about that. The British papers and the British public seemed dazzled by the President and the First Lady. They are calling her “Mighty Michelle.”

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Michelle Obama is in Europe along with the President. And don’t be surprised if she gets a Jackie Kennedy-like reception. She boarded Air Force One, smiling broadly and looking very elegant, dressed in a white coat trimmed with black, a black sheath, and black patent kitten heels. Starting with an important economic meeting with world leaders in London, the Obamas’ trip includes visiting five countries in eight days.

President and Michelle ObamaThough President Obama is very popular in Europe, some believe Michelle will get even more attention from the media. They were all abuzz about what Michelle would wear for tea today with Queen Elizabeth–would she go sleeveless at Buckingham Palace? Even more important, would she curtsy to the Queen? She and the President will also meet with Prince Charles and Camilla.

Other questions concerned what’s in her suitcase: Will she have a new outfit for every occasion or will she mix and match like a good traveler is supposed to do? Maybe she will even throw in a couple of J. Crew sweaters to prove that, like everyone else, she is economizing these days. Still, there is lots of space for luggage on Air Force One, and she has already established herself as fashion icon of trendy and innovative American style. No doubt that throughout their trip, she will be wearing top American designers and the eye-catching jewelry she usually favors.

Since the election, newspapers in Britain, especially, have been rhapsodizing over the  U.S. First Lady’s contemporary taste and well-toned biceps. On her agenda in London, besides that visit to see the Queen, she will go to a girls’ school and spend time with Prime Minister Brown’s wife, Sara. The Browns, knowing how fashion-forward the whole Obama family is, gave Sasha and Malia a gift of Top Shop dresses when they recently came to America. In return, the Obamas gave the Browns, a selection of favorite American films. The gift, a package of videos, reportedly did not go over very well since the Browns rarely watch movies.

Michelle Obama in LondonOther stops on the Obamas’ itinerary include Paris, Prague and Istanbul. In Paris on Saturday Mrs. Obama will meet Carla Bruni, Nicholas Sarkozy’s glamorous (former fashion model) wife. Carla is not coming to London. But on a recent trip there, she dazzled in Dior and flats. Fashionistas wonder if both Michelle and Carla will wear flats when the meet, sparking a worldwide fashion trend. Good-bye stilettos.

In London, President Obama will attend the G-20 meeting about the economy, and then will give a speech in Paris and hold a meeting with students in Istanbul. Some predict that Michelle will be his “secret weapon,” charming diplomats, the public and the media, while the President tries to convince foreign leaders to join with America in stimulating the economy and sending more troops to Afghanistan. On one of his own trips to Europe, President Kennedy once characterized himself as ” the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.” President Obama just may find himself in a similar position.

Let’s admit it, we want the President to be a big success in his important negotiations, but we also want Michelle to really shine. BettyConfidential.com will bring you daily updates on what Michelle Obama’s trip to Europe  entails, what she will be doing and what she will be wearing. We know she will make us proud.

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0 thoughts on “Michelle Obama's Trip to Europe

  1. The Queen already had an iPod. The iPod that Obama gave the Queen (made mainly by Chinese women who earn slave wages) is loaded with, among other things, his speeches. Just what she wanted!

    The Browns have also given Sasha and Malia necklaces to match the Top Shop dresses and a collection of children’s books by British authors. In return, Michelle gave the Browns’ children cheap toy Marine One helicopters from the White House gift shop.

    And, the DVDs that Obama presented to Gordon Brown (who is blind in one eye) were manufactured for North American DVD players. They didn’t work in Brown’s player.

    Michelle didn’t bother to curtsy when she met the Queen. The comparisons with Jacqueline Kennedy, who had true style and minded protocol and spoke fluent French, are just lame.

  2. Puh-lease … it’s the 21st Century. Nobody should be curtsying to anybody. You are sour and bitter that Michelle is in the White House and nothing she does will make you happy no matter what.

  3. And aprilego, you’ve commented, “I’d appear in a commercial for just about anything except Republican candidates and cigarettes.” Nothing that Michelle does will make you UNhappy no matter what. Anyway, it’s a bigger deal that Barack kept saying “England” when he should have said “Great Britain.” They mean different things; at least get the name right ….

  4. KS, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to be unhappy about here? Remember that giving and receiving gifts is about graciousness and gesture — not the gift itself.

    Thank goodness we don’t have worse things to worry about than what the Obamas gave the — wait a second, oh, that’s right…we do.

  5. I was not a fan of GW Bush, to put it mildly, but I was still able to respect and appreciate Laura. You, KS, seem incapable of seeing past your strict conservative outlook, and that’s a shame.

  6. KS, you spend a lot of time on this website bashing other people with your comments and blatant attitude. Did somebody do something to personally upset you that you’re on some kind of vendetta against these people who are only reporting the news? I’m sure you are welcome to write up your own commentaries and submit them for consideration. If that’s your thing.

  7. In the 1st paragraph I note, “One of the absolute no-no’s(sic) is not to touch her.”
    This means it would be considered a breach of etiquette NOT to touch the Queen.
    I believe what you meant to say was,”One of the absolute no-nos is to touch her.”

    Anyway, the Queen doesn’t seem to have been very put out , & the Obamas are wonderful people.

  8. Way to go, Michelle! Queen E is way out of touch with the human race! And, it looks like Queen E was cool with it all! SO much fuss over absolutely nothing!

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