Miley Cyrus: My Job is to Be a Role Model

Watch out, moms - tweens will use this as an excuse to get you to buy them hot shorts.

Miley Cyrus: My Job is to Be a Role Model

Watch out, moms – tweens will use this as an excuse to get you to buy them hot shorts.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Miley Cyrus

In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Miley Cyrus provides us with a very surprising declaration about her career.

“My job is to be a role model,” Miley said, “and that’s what I want to do, but my job isn’t to be a parent. My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act, because I’m still figuring that out for myself. So to take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That’s just life.”

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Excuse us? Miley’s job is to be a role model? Is this the same tween star who sent around photographs of herself in her undies more than once? Who complained about getting a used Porsche for her birthday? Who pole-danced on top of an ice cream cart in hot shorts at the Teen Choice Awards? It may be time for a performance review.

Don’t worry, though, Miley addresses that last little incident.

“People like controversy because that’s what sells,”  says the role model. The article’s author describes Miley as saying that “with resignation.”  Maybe that writer confused resignation with savvy, because Miley creates controversy like a pro.

We have to wonder why Miley happily accepts and even cultivates her positive role model status while acting like one of the people your parents didn’t want you hanging out with in high school.

What do you think of Miley’s role model status? (Harper’s Bazaar)

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0 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus: My Job is to Be a Role Model

  1. She is clueless!! I am hoping the tween parents are finally realizing that this girl is not who their kids should emulate. She is clearly on the Brittany/Lindsay path, sad to say.

  2. I think she isnt going 2 last much longer. what shes doin is the craziest thing ive heard. i may be 13 but there is no way im goin to like her after all shes doin. she trys 2 act like shes older then she is. if she wants to be older y dony she just start puttin out sex tapes cause she may be goin that way! Srry to say,but it may be true!

  3. Hello kids, she is an adult, she is entitled to act as she wants to. So can you, WHEN YOU GROW UP! She doesn’t have to act like a child or dress like a nun just so you won’t dress trashy.

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