Mint Your Money Troubles Away is a free site that helps manage your fiances to get your out of debt and loans

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Mint Your Money Troubles Away helps you manage your finances out of debt

-Sabina Durrani

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Kick your bad credit, debt and lack of funds to the curb! It’s a new year and time for you to change the way you manage your funds (or lack there of). is a site that helps you manage your funds in a simple way so that it’s easy to stay on track with your finances.

The best part of this money managing genius – it’s free! Mint does the bookkeeping for you and pulls all your information together to give you a realistic view for managing your money. It will let you know where you are spending your money and set up a budget for you to start paying off debt and loans so you can start saving.

Mint also can use your investments to guide you to more savings. Mint even helps manage paying off student loans and saving for retirement with your lifestyle in mind. Mint claims that during your first session they will provide on average $1000 of savings opportunities. That’s definitely some claim!

With access 24/7 and email notifications of any bills due and low balances on any of your accounts, you can stop stressing and start living your life again. All information is secure and anonymous and the award winning team at Mint is compiled of industry professionals.


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