Miss California's Topless Controversy

Will Miss California Carrie Prejean lose her crown?


Miss California’s Topless Controversy

Will she have to surrender her crown?

-Carrie Seim

Miss California Carrie PrejeanBible-thumping Miss California, Carrie Prejean, has a big problem with gay marriage. But not so much with showing off her bare breasts.

As you surely know by now, photos have surfaced on TheDirty.com of the Miss USA contestant posing topless. This is the same woman who proclaimed on live national television that she opposed gay marriage, because, “I only believe in opposite marriage. No offense.”

None taken, Miss Prejean. As long as you don’t take offense with me calling you the big H word. No, not horsey. Nope, it’s not ‘ho either. (But you’re getting warmer … ) The word of the day is – hypocrite!

The titillating topless pics only show Miss California from the back with a little boobage on the sides. But isn’t it a little two-faced for pageant pretty to lecture us about what consenting folks do with their bodies in their private time?

Miss Prejean told the Today show that her response to Perez Hilton‘s question about gay marriage wasn’t politically correct, it was “biblically correct.”

Cuz we all know how down those apostles were with T&A.

According to Gawker, pretty Prejean says the whole topless photo scandal is “a smear campaign against her for opposing gay marriage: My comments defending traditional marriage have led to intimidation tactics that seek to undermine my reputation and somehow silence me and my beliefs.” 

As one commentor on the site pointed out – wow, those gay people are pretty fancy, being able to go back in their time machine and force you to take naked photos of yourself just so they could use them later to intimidate you.

I guess the lesson here is that people in nude photos shouldn’t throw out discriminatory drivel.

Meanwhile, in a bid to shake off the dust of all this bad PR, the Miss California USA pageant directors have pulled together an PSA entitled, “”I Believe … The Beauty of California,” which, purportedly, celebrates the “diversity” of California.

A gaggle of gorgeous girls speaks lines such as: “I believe when I express my opinion I have a responsibility to do it in a way that respects others who may not agree … I believe in love … I believe when two people with opposite views communicate with love and respect both points of view can be heard … I believe no one should be silenced if they are speaking from their heart with respect … I believe in the beauty of California.”

The current – for now – Miss California did not participate. Guess “diversity” isn’t at the top of her list of concerns at the moment.

Though Carrie Prejean is holding on to her crown despite encouragement for her to step down from others in the beauty pageant world, her reign may be short lived. A decision from pageant officials — and yes, Donald Trump himself — is expected any minute now. An “insider” claims even more graphic photos will soon be released — of course the flawless, moral  Miss California denies their existence.

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0 thoughts on “Miss California's Topless Controversy

  1. Honestly, the photos aren’t that racy — I wonder if there really are more graphic ones? I feel a little sorry for her — but when you put yourself out there like that, you have to expect the scrutiny.

  2. You know, I could care less what Miss California believes about gay marriage, but dragging the whole thing about “moral values” and things being “right” really make me mad. It’s one thing to have a belief about an issue, but to throw in morality is a crock. Most people seem to easily forget their morals when it involves their enrichment or pleasure(the barely-racy topless photos), yet thump a Bible or refer to religion or “their morals” when it’s necessary. KS, President Obama may hold a personal religious/sprirtual belief, but if it’s opposite of a person’s guaranteed civil right as an American, he may have to go against his beliefs. Just like that little issue of segregation that was proclaimed to be “God given” by certain politicians(and some presidents) was eventually abolished by the Supreme Court. Along with that “morality” she claims, is a big side order of hyprocrisy.

  3. I’ve seen the pictures that have been anonymously leaked so far, and they don’t seem scandalous to me.

    Rene Russo is a Christian and a churchgoer. Some here would apply the perjorative of “Bible thumper” to her. But she appeared topless in “The Thomas Crown Affair” and has posed for photographs that are more suggestive (and artistic) than the pictures of Prejean. Is Russo a hypocrite too? Maybe she used poor judgment or didn’t live out her faith perfectly.

    There are men on television, MSNBC for one station, “joking” about mutilating or killing Prejean. But I guess that’s okay; she’s a hypocrite, don’t you know?

  4. What poor logic, KS. Rene Russo didn’t go on national television MULTIPLE TIMES saying that gay people don’t have the right to marry their true love. You can be Christian and still believe in gay marriage! And you can also be Christian and appear topless. But you can’t throw shame at other people and expect not to get some shame thrown back your way.

  5. Talk about comparing apples to oranges! The photo doesn’t show any more than her swim suit in the pageant did. Since when does posing for a lingeree ad compare to comments or opinions on gay marriage? Are you judgmental types trying to say that all models are hypocrites? We can’t even see if she is topless – she could have pasties or an abbreviated bra for all we know. Shame!!!

  6. Hypocrisy would be if she said that she disagreed with gay marriage then tried to marry a woman. She expressed her opinion, as she was asked to do – stop criticizing her for being honest.

  7. I don’t agree with her opinion on gay marriage, but I agree with her right to have that opinion. I also do not condemn her for the photos, as she was 17 so the person who should be getting the lashing is the pedophile who took the photos, not the naive little girl who fell for it.

  8. I don’t think that you understood my point, Fern. Obviously, people including Carrie Seim are calling Prejean a hypocrite because of the photographs–“Cuz we all know how down those apostles were with T&A.” It’s just that they would not have leaked the photographs but for Prejean’s answer during the pageant.

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