Miss California Keeps her Title

Carrie Prejean didn't hear Donald Trump's trademark "You're fired!"

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Miss California Keeps her Title

Carrie Prejean didn’t hear Donald Trump’s trademark “You’re fired!”

-Myrna Blyth

Carrie PrejeanMiss California, Carrie Prejean, remains a winner. Donald Trump has ruled that she can keep the first runner-up title she won in the 2009 Miss USA pageant.

The Donald declared she answered the question about gay marriage “honestly” and pointed out that her opinion is shared by the majority of Americans and the President as well. He also said the topless photos of her that have surfaced, “some beautiful, some risqué,” are perfectly “fine” for a 21st-century beauty pageant.

Carrie, in tears, thanked Trump, those who supported her, and “God, for trusting me with this important task.” She also accused Perez Hilton–who asked the question on pageant night that started the controversy and then ripped her reply–of “having a personal agenda.”

Since the pageant, Carrie has been slammed over and over for her beliefs. Few have defended her while she has been called “stupid” and “heartless” and mocked because of her breast implants, which reportedly were paid for by the pageant.

Carrie has said she is a Christian and that she has the right to her beliefs and expressing her opinion. Today she said that her grandfather had fought in the Battle of the Bulge for her freedom of speech.

Frankly, Donald Trump–who, I have to admit, has a real instinct for what most people believe–was smart in allowing her to keep her crown. Even though many in the media have condemned her, Trump knows the majority of people in this country–and in the state she represented in the pageant—agree with her. And that there has been a strident, orchestrated campaign against her.

No, Carrie Prejean may not be the smartest blond in town, but why couldn’t she say what she believed and not have so many in the press and on the web jump all over her? And isn’t it interesting that nowadays Donald Trump will probably get dumped on for not saying “you’re fired” and instead for being fair.

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0 thoughts on “Miss California Keeps her Title

  1. For a long time, the majority of people in this country believed that interracial marriage was “wrong” and “dangerous.” Just because bigotry and discrimination is supposedly in favor with “the majority of the people in this country” — does not mean we should celebrate it.

  2. Amen, Fern! I agree than Miss California has a right to her beliefs, but we also have the right to publicly disagree with her. Frankly I couldn’t care less about her ridiculous beauty pageant crown — the whole idea of those pageants is so antiquated. I certainly don’t see what “God” has to do with it — what a joke.

  3. My issue was never with her implants or with her opinion. She did not win any points for accusing everyone who doesn’t agree with her as being wrong, but whatever. My issue is more that she has been neglecting her post as Miss California and is instead doing work for N.O.M. instead of the Miss California Pageant. Your beliefs don’t really matter if you are still not doing your job.

    Still, this whole controversy has likely made more people interested in the pageant. More likely than not that’s why he’s keeping her around.

  4. Ugh. IMHO she doesn’t deserve Miss America because she doesn’t even understand the meaning of free speech. I read another article where she lamented being “punished” for her opinion and stated it “should not happen in America.” News flash, sweetie. Free speech applies only to the government not being able to strip you of your rights. It doesn’t apply to non-government entities and it certainly doesn’t apply to a contest that you voluntarily enter, knowing that the answers you give in the interview portion will help determine who wins. Lovely that your granddaddy was in the Battle of the Bulge, but trust me, this was NOT what he was fighting for.

    Pageant contestants usually spend huge amounts of time preparing for the interviews, knowing that they should avoid giving answers that may alienate people. Props to her for speaking her mind and not giving some wishy-washy “I just want world peace” answer; however, she had to know that this would be the result. She would inevitably offend a judge or judges, could conceivably not get the top crown because of it, and then have members of the public disagree with her. This is the life she signed up for. Deal with it.

  5. Scarlett, YOU don’t understand the meaning of free speech! Perez Hilton, the gay judge, asked a question which was not “politically correct”, asking for an opinion of a contestant. She was put into a situation where she had to give an answer that was also not politically correct in order to give an honest opinion. Hilton set her up, as she implied, as proven by his later statement calling her a “b***ch”.

  6. roylj Why was Perez’s question not “politically correct”? Unless you misspoke and meant that her answer was not politically correct — which really isn’t true — as quite a big portion of Americans currently agree with her narrow-minded views.

  7. Can someone tell me why this is newsworthy? Does anyone REALLY care about the impact Miss California or any other beauty pageant winner will have on anything?

  8. “Miss California, Carrie Prejean, remains a winner. Donald Trump has ruled that she can keep the first runner-up title she won in the 2009 Miss USA pageant.

    The Donald declared she answered the question about gay marriage “honestly” and pointed out that her opinion is shared by the majority of Americans and the President as well. He also said the topless photos of her that have surfaced, “some beautiful, some risqu

  9. Ok, let’s see here. “We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.”
    We do? That’s news to me. Maybe if you want to move to one of the 4 states where it’s legal. You’d have an easier time marrying your first cousin. That’s legal in about half the states. And “opposite marriage” gets me. See it’s entries at Urban Dictionary for some ideas on whatever that means.

    And then “And you know what, in my country….”
    What country was that, Deary? What pageant is this? Miss USA? OK. Wasn’t sure what country you were from for a moment.

    Finally, “I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man & a woman.”
    She THINKS that she believes this. Which means that she’s not sure. So she’s not sure what her beliefs are & pseudo-Christians are applauding her for standing up for them. Huzzah.

  10. Cesibon – I agree with you. I don’t understand what all the hub-bub is about this, or why it’s such a big deal. but then again, some people still think that Lindsay Lohan is news worthy, too, so… I guess this stuff sells, or something along those lines.

  11. You’re right, Sarah. It really isn’t. No one’s truly concerned w/ their brains or their ethics, just how well they cover their roots & how good their fake boobs look. In the grander scheme of things, they matter very little. I just needed to vent. 😀

  12. kitty, Perez Hilton’s question was inappropriate (and thereby politically incorrect) because it called for a controversial opinion answer for which he already had an answer in mind. It was a trap. And cesibon, this is newsworthy not because of the pageant or what was said, but because here in the USA someone was asked for an opinion in a public forum and she was cruelly attacked for giving an honest answer. That should never happen in America!

  13. Freedom of speech means she can say whatever she wants. It also means we’re free to mock her as much as we like for it.
    No one has the right to not being offended. Especially not when trying to make themselves celebrities.
    I found her comments offensive. She finds my opinions offensive. That doesn’t mean I have to shut up so she can be happy.
    Trump kept her because he knows these controversies are the only thing getting these worthless pageants any publicity.

  14. If Carrie had said she believed marriage between a white woman and black man was wrong, and the public disagreed with her, would you say she was “cruelly attacked”? No! Yes we have freedom of speech — thankfully — but that doesn’t mean if you express cruel and discriminatory opinions publicly, you won’t be called out for it. As well you should.

  15. roylj, have you read the first amendment? Before you accuse someone else of not understanding it, you should. The first words are “Congress shall make no law.” Asking a question you think is unfair in a beauty pageant most certainly has nothing to do with congress.

    Free speech applies only to the law – not to rules set by private businesses or individuals. You won’t be arrested for swearing at the office, but you can be fired for it, with no recourse. Then you can swear about it all over the internet or in your home. THAT is free speech.

    As for being a set up, I disagree. I’d rather see more questions like this, where the ladies might have to think on their feet rather than blurt out “opposite marriage” – which is the real problem with her answer. It was awkward and goofy. There are ways to answer that question diplomatically. There are actually reasonable arguments for her side, she just didn’t offer one. Instead, she came off sounding rather dim and a bit bigoted. And perhaps she is. I disagree with her view, but I could answer that question for her without offending anyone if necessary. She should do so too, with the poise and grace befitting a Miss America. If she can’t do that, she didn’t deserve the title anyway.

  16. It’s not the nude or semi-nude pics, it’s not that she is against gay marriage, it’s the fact that she LIED on her pageant contract, and continues to lie about the number of pics out there.

  17. What is it about photos showing the SIDES of a woman’s breasts “racy” when we see photos of almost all the tops of women’s breasts every day, so much so that “wardrobe malfunctions” and “nip slips” have entered the gossip vocabulary? I don’t think the sides are “racy” and the tops are “chaste,” do you? In India, the bottoms of women’s breasts, beneath the nipples, are considered “racy” and that’s how the whores there dress, with the bottoms of their breasts hanging out. Let’s face it — showing breasts or any part of them is a sexual cue. All of which is to say that Miss Prejudice.. er, California.. has done nothing racier with her pre-queen photos than anyone else is doing.

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