Mommy Bloggers' Secrets to Being a Stylish Mama

Five fashionable blogging mommies on staying chic post-bambina. Plus: Enter to win a gorgeous silver diaper bag!
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Mommy Bloggers’ Secrets to Being a Stylish Mama

Five fashionable blogging mommies on staying chic post-bambina. Plus: Enter to win a gorgeous silver diaper bag!

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These five stylish bloggers from some of our fave sites are a few of the chicest mamas out there. How do they do it? We got some of their tips, do’s and don’ts for staying fashionable and having FUN with style — for moms and kids alike. Plus – to help YOU stay stylish, our partner gave us a super cool silver CJ satchel to give away! Check out the details below after the great mommy style tips.

Vera Sweeney,

Vera Sweeney

Vera is a mother of two and owner of, which provides the latest family news, product reviews, easy-to-make recipes, designer previews, and great buys from online retailers. She also runs for all things celeb!

How do you stay stylish and avoid the “Slummy Mummy” syndrome?
It was a conscious decision to not forget who I was before having children. It’s all too easy to let everything go. I try my hardest to at least do my hair and put on some makeup before leaving the house. It makes me feel better knowing that I’m on the list of people I care about.

What’s your biggest getting-dressed challenge?
Well, if I’m being honest … I still have 10 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Many of my jeans and shirts show off my stomach bulge, and I absolutely hate that! So I like to wear stretch pants, a loose shirt and a fun belt whenever I’m out running errands.

Your tips for dressing kids?
Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. And listen to what they like. My daughter Natalie can’t get enough of pink and actually LOVES getting dressed up in the color. Why fight it?

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Jeanine Edwards,

Jeanine Edwards

Jeanine is the senior editor of and mom to 20-month-old Sadie. is a great resource – they shop the Web for the latest and best gear, toys and clothes for moms and their children. We Bettys love their motto: “Feed. Nap. Shop. Repeat!”

What’s your #1 fashion don’t for moms?
No sweatpants or pajama pants outside the house. It never looks good.

How do you avoid the “momiform” rut?
I treat myself to at least three new things a month. It can be anything from a necklace to new dress. The idea is that I’m not only updating my wardrobe to stay current with the trends, but also updating my closet so that I’m excited about what I have to wear.

Your tips for dressing kids?
I like kids looking and dressing like kids, but this doesn’t have to mean clothes with bunny rabbits or hearts all over them. I also think including your children in the dressing process makes it easier. Lastly, and this is the budgeter in me, buy all your kids’ clothes on sale! I never pay full price for my daughter’s clothes, because I know it will all go on sale.

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  1. I love this!! that’s what my entire blog is about…being a beautiful WOMAN and a great mom. Because the two can go hand-in-hand. All it takes is a little know-how. Congrats to all these great moms and beautiful women! :)

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