Nadya Suleman's Pregnancy Photos and Donation Web Site

Nadya Suleman's belly of horror and donation web site

Mean Betty

More Octuplet Madness

Belly of horror and donation web site? Say it ain’t so …

-Mean Betty

Mean Betty has TRIED to hold her tongue. She really has. After all, there are 14 innocent children involved here and even Mean Betty feels compassion and worries what will happen when one day the octuplet babies learn to Google.

Also, Mean Betty really felt this matter had been done to death. Was there really anything more to say? COULD IT POSSIBLY GET ANY MORE OUTGRAGEOUS???

Why, yes, it can. And it did.

This morning brings fresh horror to Mean Betty’s in-box.


Nadya Suleman pregnancy photo

Words ALMOST fail. Almost.

The words that do manage to eke their way out:

Dear. Lord.

This is just wrong. It is just wrong. It looks like something from that awful traveling exhibit about gruesome medical practices from the Dark Ages. It is barbaric and wrong, and her doctor should be ashamed of himself … ashamed to the point of ripping up his own medical license, eating it for breakfast, poking out his eyes with a rolled up copy of the Hippocratic Oath, and taking himself to the desert to live in exile with Bernie Madoff.


Nadya Suleman website

Please, I implore you … Mean Betty is BEGGING you … TELL ME THIS IS A SICK JOKE. I beseech you, precious readers … tell me some enterprising crook has set this freak show web site up and plans to laugh all the way to his Cayman bank account.

Please do NOT tell me that their mother has indeed plastered those poor, pathetic-looking babies’ faces, with their fragile, painful-looking bodies, all over a web site replete with rainbows and unbearably, inexplicably perky font.

It can’t possibly be real … can it?

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0 thoughts on “Nadya Suleman's Pregnancy Photos and Donation Web Site

  1. OH.MY.GOSH!

    I loathe this woman for begging for her children. LOATHE HER! I hope not one person gives her a CENT on this pathetic website. She is MARKETING HER CHILDREN FOR CASH! SICK SICK SICK PATHETIC WOMAN!

  2. It doesn’t help to berate her. It’s happened, and she doesn’t have much support obviously. Have some compassion. You don’t even know her. We in this world are so quick to criticize and that’s crummy.

  3. Nadya Suleman received $169,353 in temporary disability payments from the State of California in the past 8 years and may now qualify for permanent disability payments based on a back injury…


  4. I can’t feel compassion for someone working the system. At least she could shed some tears or act like she needs the help. With her French manicures and face work, she isn’t playing the part of deprived woman.

  5. Hey Mean Betty, it’s Evil Nevie here. I agree with klp1965 (I thought the same thing myself-about her back injury and carrying 8 babies I mean). She doesn’t want money, but hired a publicist, has given interviews, has a website and is accepting donations!!!!!!!!!! Something just doesn’t add up here.

  6. Sorry, wgaca, but I have no compassion for this woman! I do have compassion for the babies. I wish the state would take them and find them good homes. They would be so much better off. This woman is obviously trying over and over to cheat the system. This didn’t just happen! She made it happen and frankly, I don’t like puppy mills or baby mills! She is producing for money and the children she already has are not receiving the care they should so why have more? She is running a baby mill as far as I am concerned and needs to have them removed. Who says ALL kids are better off with their mother? Not if the mother is obviously insane. She is a crook and is using the babies to get what she can. I wouldn’t give her a nickel! I pray she loses the babies!

  7. I do feel we are all hard workers ,trying to make sure our families are safe,healthy and happy.So why tell me, because I can not believe that she is even getting support for a son that has ADD??? Something is wrong here. I am a single Mom,worked and supported my children . What I don’t like is ,it seems she knows the system and knows how to get money. Did she think she would become rich because she has babies?Does she feel she can go to the head of the line ,and why is she more deserving more than every other Mom today. I agree she needs help,but I don’t feel she should get rich because she devised a plan to have these babies to get rich.I really feel that is what she thought. Move over Nadya,there are children sleeping in cars,homeless and going hungry.These children should be taken care of first ,not you getting rich. I do hope the babies are healthy because it is not their fault. I will not be donating,what about you?

  8. This woman is laughing all the way to the bank with what money she does get. How can a woman afford in vitro, yet can not take care of the children that are a result of it? She must be thinking that the more she has, the more assistance she gets. I also heard a rumor that she has had plastic surgery to look more like Angelina Jolie??

  9. I’ve read enough about this gal for the past few days. Her spot in the sunshine is going to fade as quickly as she brings home those babies. CA took away Britney Spears’ boys, do you honestly think that the social services is doing to leave 14 children in a 3 bedroom house with clothes all over the floor and food stuck to the walls with a mother who has been formally diagnosed as depressed and delusional? Read on CNN that in 2005 protective services were involved with her six other children. Her mother is ready to leave her in the cold. This isn’t going to be pretty, not at all. I truly hope that the doctor who fertilized her loses his license, since he knew of her mental illness’, too.

    Watching this play out is going to be interesting.

  10. The best comment that I have seen about this woman so far- “It is a vagina, not a clown car.” Now we are supposed to, in these hard time, give her money for trying to single-handedly repopulate the earth? I say no go- and to her “GO AWAY!.”

  11. It breaks my heart to know that these 14 children have such a rough road ahead of them because of the stupidity of one woman. It also makes you realize the unjustices of the world when there are wonderful people that are waiting to adopt children and have do so much just to be eligible and then you have this woman who has no business having more children. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

  12. This woman is a disgrace. Hopefully this little scheme of hers will backfire, and the kids will be taken from her. What she wants is attention!!! She probably thought that if she had a lot of kids she would get sympathy, donations and Reality Show to call her own. If we are going to foot the bill then we should have a say so on who takes care of these children. WILL NOT DONATE ANY MONEY TO HER AND WILL ASK EVERYONE I TALK TO DO REFRAIN FROM DONATING TO HER. Its reprehensable and shameful what she is doing to those poor innocent children.

  13. Does no one give this woman credit for successfully carrying 8 healthy babies? Most of you pissing and whining, including Mean Betty, probably couldn’t do it.

    Quit worrying so selfishly about what’s being taken from the state, for heaven’s sake, and give props where props are due for the exceptional job she did. You think you, personally, are gonna miss her $500/mo out of the millions we spend to feed people?

    If she wants to have plastic surgery, that’s her business. As is having and loving 14 kids. If she had money and a husband, everyone would be falling all over her. So much for a woman’s right to do whatever she damned well pleases! The taboos are still in place.

  14. KiraScurro–Sure, she’s an AMAZING woman for holding and carrying 8 babies, but I will give her credit for what she’s done when she can prove she can take care of the children she’s carried and brought into the world.

    She can go on television and SAY that she’s only going to accept help from family and friends, but then the next minute put up a website BEGGING the world for donations. She’s a wackjob through and through.

    I’ve got a right to have a shitload of children too, but I’m smart enough to know how many I can handle AND afford.

  15. The only individual(s) that deserve any compassion in this situation are the children. They never asked to be born or put in this situation. This “woman” is $50,000 in debt and is milking the government for money and has no remorse for doing so. There are women in this world that would give absolutley anything to have a child! This “woman” has no means to support 14 children!!! She disgusts me and she should be ashamed of herself. She would need a sense of selflessness and remorse in order to feel that though.

  16. Thank you Manicmommy. I couldn’t agree with you more. When asked what I wanted to be when I was 12 years old I replied “A mommy.”. You don’t see me running around having umpteen kids (I only have one thus far). As far as KiraScurro’s comments. That $500 a month would help me tremdously! When you have to pay a mortage (Which she’s doesn’t cause she’s cramming 14 kids plus 3 adults into a 3 bedroom home!)plus utilities, etc. absolutely help with out a doubt. I don’t know about you but I know I could carry 8 babies. I however would not put my children’s lives at risk for the simple fact that “I wanted children.”. She already had 6. When will she stop?

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