Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories

Not sure what to do on February 14? Get inspired with these very romantic (and true!) stories.
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“Last year, a month before Valentine’s Day my new sweetie asked me to block the entire day off for a special surprise, but wouldn’t give me any details. As it got closer to February 14, he finally let on that he was planning to drive me to a beach for the weekend – our first trip together. We live in DC, so any nearby beach was going to be freezing!

Well, it was cold, but he’d booked a cozy room in a nice hotel overlooking the beach. The afternoon we arrived, the sun was out and the sky was clear and we soon forgot about the cold as we strolled along the boardwalk and ventured near the surf. That evening, we had dinner at the hotel and exchanged cards. In mine, he’d written: ‘I have felt a sense of excitement and hope ever since you came into my life. Most importantly, you have made me believe in love again. I crave to be with you, I long to hear from you and I think about you all the time.’ That same weekend we also said our first ‘I Love You’s.’ Now, a year later, we’re planning a June wedding.”
Rachel Hofer, Washington, DC

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“One Valentine’s Day, I was having a really bad day at work. I was also really disappointed that my boyfriend, Matt, didn’t send flowers to my office or take me to lunch, and I knew that we had nothing planned for later on.

After work, I rushed to my car to go home but when I reached for my keys to open the door, I noticed that my car was filled to the brim with red balloons! There was a pin taped to the window with a note that said, ‘You fill my heart’s desire and I want to fulfill yours… Use this pin to find the 14 coupons inside all 14 balloons. I’ll see you at home where I’ll be waiting to make good on any or all of them!’ I had the biggest smile on my face, and forgot all about my bad day. As I popped each and every balloon, a crowd started to form and people were laughing and cheering me on. It was cute, thoughtful, and showed so much more creativity than flowers, dinner or a lunch out.”
—Laura Post, Boston, MA

“After college, I met the woman I wanted to marry but I couldn’t afford the ring she deserved. I heard about a radio station contest to submit your best Valentine’s Day wedding proposal. The prize was a one-carat diamond engagement ring. So I went for it, and sent in a handwritten poem in red ink on a pink sheet of heart-shaped construction paper.

On Valentine’s Day, the DJ called me at work and told me to get to the station right away. Listening to the radio on the way there, I heard him say they were waiting for some guy to show up to propose to his fiancé. I suddenly realized I’d never formally asked her parents for their blessing! Fortunately, I called my girlfriend’s mother, explained what was happening, and she was touched enough to say yes on behalf of her and her husband.

I got to the station and was rushed into the booth without any preparation. The DJ informed me we were going live in 30 seconds and asked for my girlfriend’s work phone number. I had no idea this was all going down live! I hadn’t even called my friends to listen. So there we were, live on the radio, calling my girlfriend at work. One of her co-workers got her on the phone and I started reciting my poem:

’Susan B. Rouse is the woman I love,

And on Q104, I pledge my true feelings of…’

I read all the verses, down to the final line, ‘Will you marry me?’

The DJ finally coaxed an audible but squeaky ‘Yes’ from my girlfriend, who was in tears, and the deal was done.”
Randy Mitchelson, Albany, NY

Tell us: What was your most romantic Valentine’s Day?

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