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A woman seeks advice about how to re-market herself in order to find a better job position.

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Gotta Jump

Dear Michele,

I am 41 years old and am working as a Team Leader in a call center in the utilities sector. My dilemma is that I have lost the heart and drive it takes to manage people as I’ve been doing it now for the past 15 years. I no longer seem to have the ability to motivate people, and I seem to be finding more and more people who have a weak work ethic. I could use some guidance on how to re-market myself out of management and into a role which is judged solely on my performance such as Business Analyst, Project Coordinator or something similar.

— Seeking Change

Dear Seeker,

First, ask yourself: Do I want to stay at this company? If so (and it’s the easiest path to a new position), identify the actual positions that are most appealing to you and talk to people who hold those jobs now to find out what they’re really like. Next step — go to your supervisor and discuss how you see your professional track unfolding. It’s not unusual for people in management to move to a non-management position.

If the company values you and your experience (and my guess is the fact that you’ve been there 15 years is a great testimony to your skills), then they will make it possible for you to switch to the new role. You may require some training — and when you talk to the people who have the kinds of job you’d like, find out what skills and training they have that you don’t. This knowledge will give you a sense of what you need to do as well as the overall the nature of the job.

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