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A review of My Best Friend's Girl

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My Best Friend’s Girl

I want Dane Cook, Jason Biggs and Kate Hudson for my BFFs!

-Stephanie Elliot

Let me just preface this review by stating this: I am totally hot for Dane Cook. I mean, I know in this movie he plays the dirty-hot kind of bad boy that no girl should EVER date, but he’s really a softie that’s just had a rough upbringing. I’m sure he really doesn’t want to be the bad boy that he is in My Best Friend’s Girl.

Dane CookCook plays Tank, a professional asshole, for lack of a better description. Guys hire him when their girlfriends dump them to demonstrate how good they used to have it with their sweet, kind and loving boyfriends. When Tank gives women a taste of what he’s got, (and yes, some days I think I’d like a taste of that!) the ladies go running back to their boyfriends, begging for forgiveness. It’s a dirty job, but Tank is good at what he does. So good, in fact, that when his roommate Dustin (played by geeky and loveable Jason Biggs) is dumped by Alexis (the ever-beautiful and talented Kate Hudson), he begs Tank to get her back for him.

The problem is two-fold: Alexis doesn’t fall for Tank’s crap, and Tank falls for Alexis! Hard. Oops, did I just say hard? I must be thinking about Cook’s abs!

There are quite a few surprises at the ending of My Best Friend’s Girl, and yeah, there are the typical crude jokes, foul language and some nudity including a butt shot of Cook (which was a plus in my book!). Alec Baldwin plays Tank’s father in a typical ass-piggish role, but in a good way, I suppose. Other supporting characters make this “romanticrudemy” (that’s my term for a crude romantic comedy!) a laugh-out-loud movie perfect for either a girl’s night out or a date night!

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