My Guy Chooses Porn over Me

A woman seeks advice on how to handle her boyfriend's lack of interest in sex.


He Likes Porn More Than Me

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why is it that my guy will go out of his way to partake in porn, yet nearly refuses to have sex with me? I am LUCKY to get lucky once every six to eight weeks, and then it isn’t even worth the wait. There’s no foreplay, no kissing, and almost no touching at all. What the heck is up with this? I am frustrated and ready to kick him out.

Matt: First, do what you can to be attractive to him. Do and wear sexy things and initiate sex with him? Perhaps you can even watch porn with him during sex – you both may find it fun. However, he may have an addiction to porn and if so should seek counseling. It’s not normal to avoid your partner and just watch porn.

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0 thoughts on “My Guy Chooses Porn over Me

  1. “He MAY have an addiction to porn”??? It seems pretty obvious that the time he spends whacking off to the phony stuff is preventing him from having a close physical relationship with his girlfriend.

    GF kick is ass to the curb. You don’t need to invest any more time in this guy if he’s not capable of being physically intimate with you and when he does it’s not satisfying for you. It should be a mutually pleasurable experience and from what you describe, it’s not.

  2. I don’t thank it is right for your man go and wach porn. How would you feel if your man went and wach porn befor and after sex? I don’t thank it is right for any man that dose that. And thank about how it would make you feel!! Would you feel like he loves you are the porn? When all he wont’s to do is look at porn and make you feel like shit.

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