My Ex's Friend

A woman seeks advice about how to make the first move on the guy she's been fooling around with.


My Ex’s Buddy

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: There’s a man I have been friends with for years, and he was best mates with my ex. We’ve gotten closer over the past few months after my breakup with my ex. I have heard from mutual friends that he really likes me, and I have always had a thing for him. However after a few drunken flings we are no futher forward, we still hang out just as friends. How do I know that he does like me? I would hate to make the first move and be rejected as it would totally ruin our friendship.

Avery: The major factor to consider here is what is the impact of dating a guy who was a mate of your ex?? This is ALWAYS dangerous territory. He and your ex could have their friendship ruined and there could be HUGE jealousy issues, and, any semblance of a good relationship after the fact with you and your ex could be ruined if he gets wind of your new relationship. I’d suggest having a very open and frank discussion with your ex’s friend and talk about these issues.

If he goes into detail about what could happen, then you know that he may want to move forward, but if he blows you off, then you know that he was just interested in the a fling and the “thrill” of hooking up with his mate’s ex. Have the talk; you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

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