My Kid is Sick, Lay Off the Wild Tunes!

Why one mother is losing it over rock music blaring in her child's doctor's office.

I’m Losing It

Rock Concert or Sympathetic Doctor’s Office?

Stop playing crazy tunes when my kid is sick!

-Stephanie Elliot

sick child with motherI took my youngest son to the doctor this morning. It was bad enough that he was sick, but I started getting a headache because of the music they were playing over the intercom system in the waiting room!

I mean, come on! It’s a pediatrician’s office, and THEY WERE BLARING a radio station with Janis Joplin, REO Speedwagon, Cream (FOR GOD’S SAKE!) … all these bands you’d expect a healthy, happy kid to WANT to jam to on Guitar Hero!

Not so for a poor sick kid who just wants to be held by his mommy in the comfort of his doctor’s office as he waits to see his physician.

I sat there imagining the poor first-time mothers who enter the safe haven of the pediatrician’s office with their 1-month-old infants who are suffering from a fever or colic. The mom is frazzled, sleepless, unsure how to make her baby well, and she’s blindsided with “Blinded by the Light” reverberating over the radio waves.

This is NOT RIGHT!

They need some soft, calming music to soothe the senses of the poor mommies who are seeking health advice and antibiotics for their children. Not Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” blasted at ungodly decibels.

And apparently the music didn’t bode well with my little Tukey-Pie, because as soon as we were called back into the offices, he stood up, gave me that look and barfed.

That’ll teach ’em to ease up on the puke-inspiring music in the pediatrician’s office!

Stephanie Elliot answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. She is also Betty’s Lit Lounge and Parenting editor. Visit her at or

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