How Can I Cure these Breakouts?

A woman seeks advice about how to clear up the acne around her mouth.

Beauty Queen


Dear Beauty Queen: I am 44 years old and have some areas around my mouth that stay broken-out
all of the time. I have bought everything imaginable to help cure this, and I know for a fact that the break out is not due to makeup allergies, as I wear very little and none at all around this area. What can I do to clear this up?

Beauty Queen: I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that you change toothpastes. Breakouts that look like acne can actually be an allergic reaction, and many people are sensitive to toothpaste. You may want to switch to a more natural-based product (I’ll assume you’re using Crest, Colgate or something along those lines). You don’t necessarily have to go to a Whole Foods or a health-food store, many drugstores and supermarkets are carrying toothpastes such as Tom’s of Maine these days.

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