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A woman seeks advice about which procedures can help smooth out her wrinkles or fill them in.

Beauty Queen

Fill ‘er Up!

Dear Beauty Queen: I have vertical lines above my upper lip (I am a former smoker). My dermatologist injects Restylane in my lip borders, but this really doesn’t address the vertical lines. Is there any injectable, or other procedure, that can smooth the lines out or fill them in?

Beauty Queen: From all of my years in the beauty biz, more than a few dermatologists and plastic surgeons have told me that collagen injections are great for those lines. The problem with collagen has always been that it just doesn’t last long enough for most patients, despite the good fill. That all changed recently with the FDA approval of Evolence, a collagen injectable derived from pigs that has more staying power than its predecessors. Ask your dermatologist about it.

Laser resurfacing is also an option, and although the results last longer, there’s more recovery and potential risk involved. If you’re ever considering a facelift, your plastic surgeon may recommend laser resurfacing at the time of your lift for optimal results, but you probably wouldn’t want to.

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