Netflix: A Guide to Kid's Movies and TV Parents Will Love

For those moments when you actually want to watch something with your kids, instead of stuffing cotton in your ears: 10 picks you can stand to watch without being drunk.
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In my quest to find suitable viewing material for nights when it’s just us girls, I’ve been perusing through some of the classics. Warning: “PG” today is way stricter than “PG” of yesteryear. I foolishly popped in Three Men and a Baby remembering it to be a goofy, fun farce about … well … three men and a baby … but had to immediately pop it out as the first five minutes of the movie is basically a cheerful montage of Tom Selleck and Ted Danson getting laid. Oops! Alas, it’ll be a few more years before I’m ready to introduce my daughter to the glory that is John Hughes, so, between the Long Duck Dongs and the chest hair, the ‘80s is pretty much out … however if you go back a little further there are some good ones.

8. That Darn Cat (1956)

That Darn Cat

Hayley Mills! A handsome detective! A surfer boy! Groovy ‘60s theme music! It’s SOOOO corny and soooo good.

9. The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection (TV Series, 1969)

Pink Panther

The cartoons in this collection are actually from between 1964 and 1980, so there’s a wide variety of action going on. Some of them are wordless – my favorite. Aside from the awesome theme song (which – fair warning – will get stuck in your head), the best part about these is the clever artwork and the high kitsch scenes of Paris. Watch for the one where the Pink Panther paints the town … pink!

10. Charlie Brown … everything.

Charlie Brown Christmas

Avoid at all costs the “new” Charlie Brown movies, like A Charlie Brown Valentine, made in 2002 AFTER the death of Charles Schultz. They’re just not the same. But the oldies – those are pure genius. The classic ones of course are It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) and A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), which, thanks to the great Vince Guaraldi, has the best movie soundtrack EVER.

April Daniels Hussar, Betty’s Deputy Editor, believes friends shouldn’t let friends watch Dora sober.

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