New Guy For Sandra Bullock

Not even a cheating husband will get in the way of Sandra finding love again. Only this time, she fell for Mr. Right, her new adopted son.
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New Guy For Sandra Bullock

Not even a cheating husband will get in the way of Sandra finding love again. Only this time, she fell for Mr. Right, her new adopted son.

-Sarah Polonsky

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock shocked the world on Tuesday by revealing she and soon-to-be-ex-husband Jesse James have adopted a three-and-a-half-month-old baby boy from New Orleans. The adoption process itself, which was in the works for four years, went down in complete secret. Somehow, the recent Oscar winner and her horndog mate managed to keep baby Louis Bardo –named for Jazz great Louis Armstrong—under the radar for three whole months since his arrival in January. Pretty amazing, all things considered, with the media spotlight that has been on the couple.

All the media and fame aside, Sandra is someone who cares deeply for her children first and foremost. She has taught them the importance of keeping your mouth shut when it really counts. “Remarkably, even her young stepchildren knew to keep quiet, says J.D. Heyman, an executive editor at People. “She did it with a lot of support from a very close circle of people that she trusted. They kept the secret, and that includes her stepchildren, even the littlest one.”

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“What’s difficult is to avoid tipping off people that celebrities come into contact with on a daily basis … everyone from the private jet company, the booker, the stewardess, the pilot, someone in the adoption agency,” says Howard Bragman, a Los Angeles celebrity publicist and author of Where’s My Fifteen Minutes?

However, not a single person in Sandra’s life spilled the beans. “That’s amazing, especially in this world, where every orderly or valet will sell their mother for the price of dinner,” Bragman adds. “It really speaks to the kind of person she is and the kind of people she surrounds herself with.”

Sandra, 45, and Jesse, 41, had decided to keep the adoption a secret until after Oscar mayhem subsided. Little did they know when they made their plans that a media nightmare lurked just beyond the red carpet.

There was hardly a soul that knew about baby Louis. Even her makeup artist was in the dark about the adoption and couldn’t understand why she was always exhausted and needed “copious amounts of concealer” to cover up, she told People. Yet, Sandra always appeared rested and beautifully glowing throughout awards season. In interviews, she never let on about the baby at home, even after a little lime-green baby sock popped out of her bag on the red carpet; people would pick it up and hand it back to her without even asking why she had a baby sock in her handbag, she said in People.

Then she won, and suddenly the news of Jesse’s cheating habits came out, so Bullock took her new baby to Austin, TX and disappeared from the limelight immediately. “All I remember thinking is I need to get Louis out of here before the vultures descend,” she said. “She comes to Austin to chill … she stays out of the spotlight,” says Michael Barnes, social columnist for The Austin American-Statesman‘s entertainment website,

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  1. i love Sandra Bullock so much. i can’t believe what she had to go through. she is lucky she has this beautiful baby boy to love and give her comfort in such a rough time. i’m happy for her.

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