New Marilyn Monroe Pictures Released

Recently released photos of Marilyn Monroe shows how she still sets the standard for beauty.

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New Marilyn Monroe Pictures Released

Marilyn still sets the standard for beauty

-April Daniels Hussar

Marilyn Monroe

Ah, Marilyn Monroe … It’s been a half a century since her heyday and still no modern starlet can hold a candle to her sweet beauty. Look at all those who try to imitate her … from Madonna‘s gross distortion of the blond bombshell look to Lindsay Lohan‘s disturbingly sad reenactment of the famous scarf sessions. There was a lovely softness to Marilyn that is missing among today’s celebrities – can you imagine Marilyn Monroe with whip-strong biceps and abs of steel? Impossible!

It’s amazing how Marilyn still captures our imagination and fantasies after all this time – just look at the excitement over the release of these previously unpublished photos of the naturally beautiful young woman who would go on to become a true icon. Growing up, I had one of those intense girl crushes on Marilyn – a framed print of Marilyn in a floating chiffon ballet skirt always hung in the place of honor in my bedroom.

Marilyn Monroe

Of course, especially in later photographs, there’s a sadness in Marilyn’s eyes. She had, it seems, more than her share of heartbreak and insecurity – and in the end she died, alone, of those very problems. But somehow that fragility made her even more beautiful – she was no stone-cold goddess, no super-female “doing it all,” but a vulnerable woman who carried the spirit of a fragile and innocent girlhood within her always.

Marilyn, for all her faults and weaknesses, possessed an essential loveliness, a sweetness that makes today’s beauties seem so carved and harsh. There was no element of snark, no hip irony or hard-assed cool to her – just simple, true beauty.

Marilyn Monroe

That softness is what’s missing today, I think, and what makes us gaze wistfully at the pretty girl in these old photos. The current standard of womanly attractiveness is such a hard standard, icy and muscular, flat and taut and rigid. In contrast, Marilyn – with her voluptuous girlishness, her open smile, her softness – still enthralls.

She may have been a candle in the wind, but Marilyn Monroe‘s flame is eternal.

These never-before-published photographs of a 24-year-old Marilyn Monroe were taken by LIFE photographer Ed Clark in August 1950. You can see more at

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0 thoughts on “New Marilyn Monroe Pictures Released

  1. i was recently in an art gallery that housed the images of this beauty on the set of her last film ever. they were soft and kind of melancholy but gorgeous nonetheless! marilyn will ALWAYS be an icon!

  2. It wasn’t just her looks, her personality is what’s missing today.

    She was a great actress. They all were at that time! And their beauty was not only real, it came from within. They had CLASS, and that’s what’s missing in today’s actresses. And Actors. And everything else…

  3. my fave pic of marilyn is when she is nude against a red velvet background, with her hands over her head and shes posing like a pin-up gal. gorgeous! her ginger hair is vulumptuous and just – amazing!

  4. The world is full of beautiful women like her today and it’s a shame that the media doesn’t portray them more often. She really was a true beauty, she makes my curves feel beautiful.

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