New Pill Relieves Period Pain

If current studies prove to be successful, this cramp-relieving pill will be available by 2014.

New Pill Relieves Period Pain

If current studies prove to be successful, this cramp-relieving pill will be available by 2014.

-Faye Brennan

New Pill Relieves Period Pain

When that time of the month rolls around, many women experience debilitating and painful cramps. Some have cramps so bad they have to stay home from work or school. Thanks to this new pill, that may be a thing of the past.

Inventors at Vantia Therapeutics have developed a pill, likened to a “hot water bottle,” that relieves pain if taken before a woman gets her period. Currently, more than 100 British and American women are testing out the pill, but in previous studies, it has proven to be effective in relieving cramps with no side effects, according to the American Chemical Society.

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If the trials prove successful, the pill will most likely be available by prescription by 2014. Its inventors are confident in calling this new pill the most effective treatment of period pain so far. So, let’s hope this thing hits pharmacies as soon as possible! (Daily Mail)

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