New Years, New Plans

Betty wants to know readers best and worst New Year's Eves
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New Years, New Plans

You loved this article about New Year’s plans. 2011 is almost here! How will you celebrate New Year’s Eve?

-Julie Ryan Evans


For years I felt a strong need to start each new year off perfectly. I remember the outfits I meticulously planned: the black slingbacks with four-inch heels that resulted in an extremely tall man carrying me many blocks because my feet hurt so badly and my short dress provided little protection against Chicago’s freezing winds. The parties I attended–in Times Square, D.C.’s Union Station, a hotel ballroom in Nebraska – and the hangovers that followed. The mandatory kisses–from past boyfriends, virtual strangers in a crowd, and once, a bartender plucked from behind the bar.

Resolutions were more important then as I searched to find myself. They offered the possibility that my life could change in big and exciting ways.

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0 thoughts on “New Years, New Plans

  1. I always found the pressure and anticipation outweighed the actual fun of New Year’s in my 20’s. Last year we a group of friends over – we had a blast drinking champagne and playing charades.

  2. Best: Toasting the Millennium on a boat off the coast of Maui with my mom and little sister. Worst: all dressed up and no place to go, homesick in London, no one to kiss (I thought that mattered!)

  3. Best: Hooking up with the smoking, hot guy that I had wanted to kiss at the prior New Year’s Party. Worst: Spending several hours at an Urgent Care cuz I had a snotty (pun intended) sinus infection.

  4. Best New Year’s eve–a very glamorous party looking over the East River, everyone in evening clothes, lots of champagne–another going to see Phantom with its best scene set on New Years Eve.

  5. Over the years, I’ve rung in the New Year with born again Christians, alien abductees, and once, an abusive boyfriend, who ruined the Millenium celebration for me. This year? Just my hubby and me! : )

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