New Season of 'Big Love' Airs This Sunday!

The third season of HBO's 'Big Love' returns this Sunday!

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Big Love for Big Love

New season premieres this Sunday

Carrie Seim 

HBO's Big LoveBill Henrickson, head husband on HBO’s Big Love, is like the boyfriend you know is just no good. He breaks all the rules, he turns your beliefs upside down, he brings you complex and unimaginable pain, he marries three other women who wear prairie dresses.

But still, despite your staunch feminist stance, despite the fact that no one else understands, you can’t get enough of his ominous ways.

He’s been out of town for a few months, and you thought you were safe, thought you moved on, given him up. But he’s rolling back into town this Sunday night. And instead of locking yourself safely inside a convent, you’re doing your hair and setting your TiVo.

Season Three of Big Love promises to answer some burning questions about the Henrickson family.

Will Bill (Bill Paxton, in what must be the sexiest polygamist turn in the history of television) continue his affair with the Russian waitress and add a fourth wife to the family? Will compound patriarch Roman wither in jail (betrayed by his son for trafficking underage wives), or rebuild his empire in absentia? Will young Sarah get the guts to leave her family and follow forbidden love into the outside world? And please, please, please, will saintly first wife Barb finally tell the manipulative monster of a second wife Nicki where she and her bouffant bangs can stick it?

For those who haven’t seen the show, it’s difficult to articulate just what a gripping and intimate hold this family takes on your TV-viewing life. But the characters are infused with such dark grace that they breathe life. Eerie, sinister, utterly enthralling life.

You know this relationship is headed toward fiery disaster, you know it was doomed from the start. Still, every Sunday night, you keep showing up for more dates.

Big Love returns Sunday night at 9 p.m. on HBO. Click here for some – how to say this kindly? – ugly wardrobe selections at the premiere party Wednesday night. We love you ladies, but is there a stylist in the house?

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