Nicole Kidman's Changing Face

An insider explains why the Oscar winner isn't happy with recent photos of herself.
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Nicole Kidman’s Changing Face

An insider explains why the Oscar winner isn’t happy with recent photos of herself.

-JoAnna Zulli

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0 thoughts on “Nicole Kidman's Changing Face

  1. deborah says:

    Wow…Nicole Kidman has had a lot of work!

  2. nubbette says:

    Nicole was really young in the last picture… the frizzy round hairstyle accentuates all the bad parts of her face. She’s grown up a lot and I believe she hasn’t had a lot done.

  3. bryony1 says:

    Kidman, as she currently looks, is scary. She looks like a male demon in drag. She needs to lighten her eyebrows considerably to get away from some of that evil look, and sweep hair over her great big bulging forehead. I have the same kind and I always have bangs, a sweep, or whatever. As for her breasts — nursing breasts don’t look like those in the picture. YOU CAN SEE THE OUTLINE OF HER IMPLANTS!
    If I were she, I suppose I’d lie, too.
    It doesn’t suprise me at all that she’s going to be the man-turning-woman in her upcoming picture. She’s very masculine looking. I don’t even want to wonder about Keith Urban’s attraction.

  4. kazz227 says:

    Nicole used to be a natural girl. Now she is so fake it is hideous.
    Exactly how dumb does Nicole think ‘her public are?’ They are certainly not the breasts of a nursing mother. And just how did her freckles disappear off of her face? If she hates her trout pout, too bad. Age gracefully. And naturally. If Hollyweird doesn’t like that, then move on to another job… raising Sunday Rose.

  5. RaineyO says:

    That has to be one of the worst boob jobs any star has had. You can actually “see” the implants under the skin. She needs to find a better doctor and get a redo fast. I know it’s difficult to get a good outcome when you’re as flat as she naturally was, but this is hideous. Also, she needs to lay off the Botox for a while. She looks like wax. Didn’t help the dress was entirely too tight in the chest – who do these people use as their stylists???

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