OMG, My Kid Walked in on Us Having Sex!

Tips on how to signal to your partner about sex without getting caught by the children.
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OMG, My Kid Walked in on Us Having Sex!

How to dodge the little ones to keep the fires burning

-Stephanie Elliot


A few months back, I was caught in a compromising position with my husband. By our daughter. She walked into our bedroom late one night, and said, “Mom, what are you doing!?”

It had been just dark enough that I think she saw two figures not exactly sleeping, and quite possibly, she might have heard a noise or two that caused her to get out of bed.

“I can’t find my sock! Go back to bed and I’ll be right in!” I yelled.

You would have thought that would have sufficed, but my daughter, ever so helpful, said, “I’ll turn on the light and help you find it.”

Her father yelled, “NO!” as I yelled, “Oh, here it is!” Our daughter went back to her room, and let out huge sighs – we had successfully dodged the “walk-in-on-your-parents” bullet.

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0 thoughts on “OMG, My Kid Walked in on Us Having Sex!

  1. Why do we humans have to hide copulation from their offspring? No other animals hide mating behavior from their offspring…

    What is so “horrible” about two people making love together that kids shouldn’t see it (briefly, until they are asked to “please leave” as we want some private time.)

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